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Profile Overview

Jenn Havelock

Human Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Commander Havelock




Lieutenant Jennifer Havelock is currently assigned to the Endeavour NX-06 as chief science officer. Following her graduation from Starfleet Training Command, she was assigned to the Whittaker NCC-94 and the Galileo NV-09 before taking a leave of absence from Starfleet in 2153. During her leave, she worked for a think tank on Denobula as a visiting researcher before returning to Starfleet in 2156 as science officer on the Endeavour NX-06.


Jennifer Havelock was born in 2125 in the city of London. Growing up during the early years of Human deep space exploration, she was continually enamoured and intrigued by all the scientific discoveries being made in the frontier of space. Her parents were both scientists: her mother, a linguistics analyst; her father, a subspace physicist. Like her parents, she showed great intellectual promise at an early age and, as an only child, aspired to follow in their footsteps one day.

Although her parents were civilian scientists, Jennifer dreamed of becoming an explorer and was drawn to the idea of joining Starfleet once she was old enough. With her parents’ support behind her, Jennifer applied to Starfleet Training Command after completing high school. She was accepted and entered into the science program, majoring in astrophysics with minors in anthropology and astrobiology.

In 2148 Jennifer graduated from STC and was assigned to the Warp 2 Daedalus class Whittaker NCC-94 as a Science Officer. She was thrilled to have her first assignment following graduation be on a survey vessel, especially the Whittaker since it was embarking on an in-depth survey of the gas giants in the Ross 248 system that was planned in five phases, each phase lasting up to several months for a total of three years.

By 2151, the Whittaker had concluded its survey of the Ross 248 system and Jennifer was ready to move on to her new assignment, the Warp 4 Intrepid class Galileo NV-09. In 2153, during her time on the Galileo, her parents – on holiday at the time – were both killed in the Xindi attack on Earth. The Galileo was recalled to Earth and Jennifer decided to take a leave of absence from Starfleet to cope with the loss of her family. She felt tremendous guilt over having been away from her parents for long periods of time, even though she knew they both understood since they were also scientists and explorers at heart.

During her leave from Starfleet, she took part in an interspecies exchange program and was invited to join a scientific think tank on Denobula that focused on developing joint exploration initiatives as a visiting researcher. After a little over two years and much personal reflection, Jennifer’s time on Denobula came to an end and she decided to return to Earth and to Starfleet. She was assigned to the Endeavour NX-06 in 2156 as Second Science Officer.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2148 - 2151 Science Officer Whittaker NCC-94
2151 - 2153 Science Officer Galileo NV-09
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2156 Second Science Officer Endeavour NX-06
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2156 - Present Chief Science Officer Endeavour NX-06