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Profile Overview

Neshaa Sohino

Orion female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Ensign Sohino




Neshaa is a dedicated Ops officer who has her sights set on Command, although she is in no rush as there is much to learn and experience along the way. She is friendly, confident, and fearless, although she can also be a bit over-confident and unapologetic for her actions.


Neshaa never knew her parents; in fact, she never knew her real name. She’d use any name that came to mind as she struggled to survive in the slums of Qu’noS, choosing ‘Neshaa’ when she stowed away on a cargo vessel and settled into a life on the move. Her vagabond lifestyle came to an end when she managed to stow away on the USS Pioneer. Captain Dokena Sohino was impressed the child had managed to survive undetected in the cargo hold for over a week, and she took a keen interest in the girl’s welfare. Eventually becoming her guardian, the Bolian gave Neshaa the gift of safety and stability.

Crediting Starfleet with her survival, she eagerly applied and was accepted to Starfleet Academy. The skills she’d developed as a child made her a natural fit for the Operations Division, and she developed a personal philosophy of working hard and playing harder. Just prior to graduation, she adopted the surname ‘Sohino’ as a way to honor the woman who had been the only parent she had ever known.