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Profile Overview


Caitian Female

Character Information


Chief Medical Officer
USS Cardiff





Name: Rrrv’arric
Sex: female
Gender: asexual
Species: Caitian
Age: 43

Height: 5’4″
Weight: 168 lbs
Fur colour: melanistic grey
Eye colour: pale grey gold

Physical appearance: Fur is a very rare melanistic grey. Rrrv’arric has darker grey, tufted ears, and tail tuft. Faint rosettes pattern her fur. A scar runs down the right side of her face, along the outer rim of eye orbit. Muscle and nerve damage left a droop to that side of her face.

Dame: Hss’kaar
Sire: Revan
Siblings: Ss’oban (b), Bakkan (s), Orlu (s)
Significant Other: n/a
Cubs: n/a
Other: Irkaan (paternal grandsire), Osstan (maternal grandsire), Tupa (paternal granddame), Vrr’sha (maternal granddame), Donya (maternal aunt, deceased), //to be finished//


Personality and traits

Overview: Rrrv’arric is introverted, and can seem stand-offish. She loves learning. Calm in crisis. Not a fan of change. Very loyal, once you gain her trust. Dislikes confrontation, but not afraid to stand up for what is right. 

Strengths and flaws: Loyalty is greatest strength, and deepest flaw. Tendency to stay loyal, even when circumstances suggest it isn’t best (being betrayed). Assertive, but also sometimes quick to anger. Can be mistrustful of motives. Indomitable will. Which also means she sometimes pushes past limits she shouldn’t.

Ambitions: visit as many cultures as possible, find a cure for the ailment that plagues her.

Hobbies/Interests: reading, writing poetry, painting, hang-gliding

Personal History 

The literal ‘black cat’ of the family, Rrrv’arric is omnivorous, preferring animal protein in her diet. She is a dreamer from a family of rationalists (as if science cannot peacefully co-exist with the metaphysical wonders of the world). Her family was loving, but not the most understanding, leading to some trust issues. 

Rrrv’arric suffers from a neurological condition tied to the genetics behind her fur colour/patterning. It keeps her in a state of constant pain and causes sensory malfunction at times, such as certain noises becoming acutely aggravating. A permanent ‘malfunction’ is an exquisite sensitivity to the paw pads of hands and feet, and vibrissae of the face and arms, making long sleeves, gloves and footwear intolerable, but granting the ability to feel things most others, even of her own kind, cannot, such as fine textural distinctions, or minute vibrations. It is also thanks to this condition that Rrrv’arric identifies as a geld, or asexual. 

Faced with pressure from her family to go into a science oriented field, Rrrv’arric became a doctor, but it wasn’t what she really desired. What called to her was learning about different cultures. Rrrv’arric spent four years as a practising xenophysician living on a Rihansuu diaspora colony world fringing Federation space, where she thrived on learning the culture. Mistrustful at first, the colonists soon came to value Rrrv’arric’s medical skill, and her sincere interest in, and appreciation of, their culture. Restless to explore more cultures, she decided to join Starfleet. Here she gained a deeper grounding in treating various species, as well as diving head first into xenoanothropology. 

It was on the colony world that Rrrv’arric gained her scar. Returning home late one night, she came across a family being attacked by Orions intent on capturing them. Incensed, she charged in with nothing but teeth, claws, and martial skill she’d picked up from Qowat nuns she’d befriended in the colony. She killed two attackers, and drove the rest off, but unfortunately the father was already dead, and the mother and older daughter gravely injured. The youngest child escaped unscathed. Thankfully, both survived. Rrrv’arric chose not to heal the damage to her face, bearing it as an honour wound. The three became an adoptive family to Rrrv’arric, and she still keeps in touch with them. 

Service Record

Thanks to age, and previous comprehensive medical training, Rrrv’arric had an accelerated program at Starfleet Academy, and graduated as Lt. JG. Following graduation, she served on Starbase 737 for a year, before requesting transfer to a starship. Three years service as a junior doctor on the USS Cerridwen, an Olympic class, on a humanitarian mission, assisting Rihansuu diaspora colonies, where her previous experience has been invaluable in gaining trust.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
Chief Medical Officer USS Avenger
Lieutenant Junior Grade