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Profile Overview

Samux Dewi (Mirror)

Romulan Male

Character Information


Mirror Comp


Samux Dewi is a member of the Remnants of the Romulan Star Empire. He is currently a ship Captain of a Romulan Star Empire warship who is tasked with eliminating all non Romulans/Remens and fending off the Terran Empire. He is known for being ruthless, effective and precise. He has no tolerance for failures and doesn’t hesitate to completely obliterate the Empire’s foes.


Samux Dewi was born on Romulus and raised in the military caste of the Romulan society. He received the best training through his youth and into young adulthood. Being raised into a respected family garnered him special treatment and wealth. Growing up though he wasn’t entitled and didn’t enjoy his wealth. Through his youth he was very closely monitored and went through indoctrination, constant education and re-education of the Romulan ways. He always yearned for power and to serve the Empire. Against his parents will he enlisted into the military at seventeen and proceeded to the front lines against the Empire’s enemies. The Terrans and the Romulan’s were always fighting. Incursions always found its way into Romulan and Terran space, it was a political tug of war and Samux found himself in the middle of it.

Samux had worked his way up to boarding party teams and made face to face contact with other species that the Empire considered to be “trash” and he never hesitated to kill them. He had earned the reputation of butcher to his ship and brought honor to his crew and to the Empire. Each boarding incursion resulting in more deaths under his belt. He seemed to enjoy hand to hand combat, the feeling of ending alien scum life was exhilarating. Through the numerous contacts Samux would finally meet his match with a Terran ship. After a prolonged space engagement both ships became critically damaged and the Empire lost many of its crew including the Command team. Samux being the highest ranking officer took command and boarded the Terran ship where he engaged several Terrans. Most of his team would die off in this battle and he would be critically injured when he was stabbed through the left of his skull by a dagger and received multiple phaser burns. Being severally weakened and near-death Samux gave everything he had.

After the hand-to-hand engagements were over Samux could not continue to fight and crawled back to his ship, a lone survivor in the engagement. What crews remained on the Terran and Empire ship would be stranded in space without the ability to warp. Samux made it back to the bridge where he ordered the helm to ram their ship into the Terran ship to ensure the filth could not risk harm to any more Empire ships. Both ships collided into a massive explosion and the Terran ship was destroyed by the explosion. The Romulan ship was still together but not much was holding it together. The plasma core did not explode but the crew was completely incapacitated.

Weeks later Samux woke up on Romulus with his family in the hospital room, he questioned what happened and his family told him. Behind his parents sat a Romulan Admiral who happened to be visiting. He filled in Samux with everything and told Samux that when his rehab was completed and he is ready for service a new Romulan warship has been designated for him to serve as its Captain. Samux had massive scarring on his face, hands and body. He kept the dagger that was implanted in his skull and promised he would use this dagger to cut the throats of every Terran he came across until he could no longer wield it. This would be known as the rise of Samux the butcher.