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Profile Overview

Ridge FastHorse

Human Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant FastHorse



Played By

Meila (ID: )


FastHorse is a tall and stocky Native American of the Shoshone. He is solidly built and athletic. Dark brown eyes and black hair, worn in a short pony tail.


On duty FastHorse is outwardly gruff, taciturn and assertive. He is a solid professional officer, gives a hundred percent in every task and expects the same from superiors and subordinates. He has little time for procrastination, shoddy work or a poor commitment. He can be harsh in his criticism of those who under achieve

He can quote sections from Starfleet Regulations and the code of discipline from memory.

He is supportive of his superiors before junior ranks but he is his own man and does not hesitate to raise any concerns he may have in private, where he speaks his mind.

Extensive training and many years of hands-on experience means he is calm, collected and decisive in times of crisis. He works well under pressure and has a reputation for getting the job done, as efficiently as possible. Assertive and a natural leader, he leads from the front.

He is resourceful, innovative and adaptable. Although not averse to taking calculated risks when needed, he is neither reckless nor careless.

Off duty his is known to be lively, personable and outgoing, positive and self-confident. Hiding a quiet pain over the death of his wife and child.

He is also quietly compassionate and deeply spiritual, tied to his Native American beliefs.

Early Life:
FastHorse is a full blooded Shoshone. He was born in 2359 and grew up on Tribal lands in the Wind River Basin, Wyoming USA. His family were proud of their Tribal heritage, descendants of people who had lived in the Wind River Mountains for at least three thousand years.

Much of young Ridge’s childhood was spent learning ancient skills, living on the land, respecting the country and animals, as well as the culture, beliefs and traditions of his people.

A less than keen scholar, he excelled in sports rather than the more academic subjects. He was Quarterback of his High school team and this led to a College Football scholarship. A college trip to play a game on the Moon awakened a passion for space and starships and a late desire to get serious about his education. He took classes in construction and design.

However, after college he drifted around taking various short term jobs on ranches and construction sites. A work-hard and play-hard lifestyle eventually led to some run-ins with law enforcement and after one too many bar-room brawls a sympathetic judge suggested FastHorse find a “more appropriate” outlet for his energies and strongly recommended joining Starfleet.

Taking the judge’s advice to heart, a twenty two year old FastHorse applied for, and was accepted into the Starfleet Enlisted Training program.

Back in a controlled and disciplined environment he thrived, after sixteen weeks of initial training he was recommended for transition to the commissioned Academy. After a bank of tests, some of which he only just scraped through with passing grades; interviews and selections he was finally accepted.

Majoring in Tactical and Security courses, with secondary’s in Flight Control; Navigation Diplomacy and Command, Cadet FastHorse worked hard to maintain his grades. Finding some academic subjects less than riveting his performance always improved in practical classes and simulations, earning him high marks and praise from Instructors.

At twenty five years old Ensign FastHorse reported aboard the USS Kittyhawk as a Junior Tactical Officer. The ship was tasked with disrupting Orion Syndicate criminal activities.

The first mission was a to disrupt illegal drug manufacturing operations in the Cylgatt System. The Syndicate had production facilities on four lush tropical jungle moons around Cylgatt IV and the ship carried out a series of daring raids against them. FastHorse quickly found himself in the thick of the skirmishes between Security teams and Syndicate mercenaries.

Promotion followed in due course and he rose to Lieutenant Junior Grade, becoming first a Lead Tactical Officer and then Watch Officer on the Bridge.

After three years with the ship heading for a major refit, on the recommendation of the Chief of Security, transferred back to Earth as a Security Officer at Starfleet Office of Science Operations – Science Ops Intelligence Applications Directorate. The work including testing new weapon and security systems.

It was also the first time he had been able to send more than a few weeks of shore leave at home. He used the time to reintegrate himself into his heritage and culture, spending most weekends camping rough in the mountains and forests of the Wind River Basin.

A long term relationship began with an old childhood sweetheart, Christine HolyElk, now a Nurse at the local hospital. Family and friends believed marriage and children would soon follow. But in 2392 FastHorse was offered a Chief Security Officer position aboard the Sabre Class USS Cutlass. Unlike the larger vessels, the small escort class had no room for partners or families.

After a long discussion it was agreed FastHorse would continue his career in space, while Christine continued hers on Earth.

After three years FastHorse returned to Earth for a year long training course at Starfleet Academy, including the Bridge Officer’s course and Command school.

His relationship with Christine rekindled, they married in 2396 after his graduation and promotion to Lieutenant Commander.

A family-friendly assignment to Deep Space Seventeen as Chief Security Officer enabled the new husband and wife to set up home again. Christine finding work in the Station’s medical facility.

A year later they welcomed their first child, a girl Enola. Tragically a visiting ship delivered a deadly virus to the station. Before it could be identified and neutralized several crew became terminally ill. Having returned to work as a Nurse Christine caught the virus and passed it along to Enola. Mother and daughter succumbed to it five days later.

FastHorse was devastated by their deaths. After the medical emergency was resolved he brought them home to the Wind River for burial. Taking extended shore leave to grieve and comes to terms with his loss.

Now ready to return to active FastHorse longed for a ship-board assignment again and has been transferred to the Elysion Class USS Charleston back out on the border of known space.

Service History
2381 Starfleet Enlisted Academy
2382 Starfleet Academy
Year I Cadet – Majors: Tactical & Security; Flight Control
Year II Cadet – Majors: Tactical & Security; Astro Navigation
Year III Cadet – Majors: Strategy & Tactics; Interspecies Diplomacy
Year IV Cadet – Majors: Command & Control; Cadet Cruise USS Armstrong Tactical Division
2386 – 2387 Ensign Junior Tactical Officer: USS KittyHawk
2387 – 2389 Lieutenant Junior Grade: Lead Tactical & Watch Officer USS KittyHawk
2389 – 2392 Lieutenant Junior Grade: Starfleet Office of Science Operations – Science Ops Intelligence
Applications Directorate.
2392 – 2395 Lieutenant Assistant Chief Security Officer: USS Cutlass
2395 – 2396 Starfleet Academy Bridge Officer’s Course and Command School
2396 – 2399 Lieutenant: Chief Security Officer DeepSpace Seventeen
2399 – 2399 Earth – Extended shoreleave
2399 – Lieutenant: Chief Security Officer USS Charleston