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Two Six Trenton

xB Human Male

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Lieutenant Trenton




Trenton is a tall and muscular xB Human male, shaven headed, with a dark blue right eye and the pallid skin of a former Borg Drone. His left eye and temple remain covered by a Borg implant. His right arm from elbow to fingers is a Borg bio-mechanical replacement, several other Borg implants remain visible, on his left wrist, base of his skull and on both thighs. His assimilation tubules are deactivated.

By human standards he appears far younger than his fifty-nine years and most would think him being no more than late thirties. The reduced aging a byproduct of assimilation, the nano-technology in his blood and on-going Regeneration regime.


Trenton generally presents the aloof calmness and emotional detachment one would consider characteristic of most Vulcans, the emotional flatness a result of thirty-one years as a Collective Drone.

Over the last five years his emotions, individuality and personality are gradually emerging; those who know him well believe him to have a dry and pointed sense of humor. He attends regular counselling sessions to assist with his continued reintegration.

Strengths and Weaknesses:
Enhanced physical abilities as a result of Borg implants and nanoprobe-technology. His physical abilities somewhat exceed those of a Klingon or Vulcan Male.

Left eye & temple implant: Enhanced visual abilities, including spectrums beyond the normal range and an integrated targeting system linked to weapons held in his right arm prosthetic

Skull implant; Myo-neural cortical array provides increased levels of physical movement and control; a wireless and physical link to a data module implanted in his brain. Internally the implant is also attached to his Neural Transceiver. Formerly this linked him into the Borg Collective Hive Mind. Now this has been adapted to function as an internal comm-badge.

Thigh implants: Provide enhanced physical strength and agility. He can perform a standing jump to a height of six feet.

Trenton can be aloof and distant, his emotional control making it difficult for people to become close friends

His cold, clear, ridged style can lack a personal touch. This can be compounded by his mission-focused demeanor, which does not always take account of the emotional needs of more sensitive colleagues.
Trenton has difficult in forming more than superficial personal relationships, struggling to find something which provides the comfort of the hive mind and mental link to others.

Early life:

Timothy Simon Trenton was born in May 2340, the second child of David and Mary Trenton. His sister, Emily, was two years older. Both parents were career Starfleet Officers, his father a Security Officer and his mother an Engineer.

His early life was spent at Starbase 74, his parents had requested postings there in order to bring up their young children in a more stable environment than found aboard a constantly patrolling starship.

The Starbase assignment also enabled regular visits from his maternal grandparents and young Tim become especially close to his Grandfather, Michael a retired Flight Control officer. At ten and twelve years old Timothy and Emily were packed off to live with their Grandparents in Adelaide, Australia, on Earth, when their parents rotated back to shipborne assignments.

With a home near to the ocean Timothy became a keen surfer, diver and fisherman, while Emily developed an interest in biology and fauna. This became a passion and she decided to become a Veterinarian, forgoing a career in Starfleet. Tim on the other hand had always known he would follow his family tradition and secured acceptance to the Starfleet Academy after graduating High school.


Majoring in Tactical and Security courses, with secondaries in Flight Control, Navigation and Command, Cadet Trenton regularly scored in the top five percent of his class. His instructors identified him for fast-tracking towards a future command role.

In his Forth Year he was selected him for a Cadet Cruise assignment aboard a regular Starfleet vessel, the Ptolemy Class USS Tombaugh; rather than an Academy ship, in order to expose him to regular duties and to gain the assessment of the ship’s Commander, Captain Blackwood.

Blackwood was a man known for his hard driving style and high expectations, accepting nothing but the best from his crew and especially from young Cadets.

Assigned to the Tactical Division Trenton quickly adapted to Blackwood’s leadership style, he managed not to embarrass himself too often and even gained the odd muttered “not too bad Mister Trenton from Blackwood, regarded as high praise from those who knew him.

Two months out the USS Tombaugh received a garbled distress call from a civilian freighter referencing a mysterious Cube-Shaped craft. Proceeding to the Freighter’s last known position the vessel was found adrift, no signs of the crew and several sections of the ship had been sliced out with almost surgical precision.

Sensors returned unusual and unknown energy signatures and discussion on the Bridge, where Trenton was standing watch as duty Tactical Officer, raised the possibly of it being the result of a hypothetical trans-warp drive. The signatures led towards a nearby nebula and Blackwood decided to investigate.

The Tombaugh entered the swirling gas cloud, instantly losing sensors, navigation and communication systems. Ploughing on blindly the Bridge crew peered at the static filled viewscreen, suddenly an indistinct dark shape appeared, it rapidly filled the screen, a massive cube towered over the Tombaugh.

Before anyone could react, the Bridge was filled with a reverberating voice We are the Borg. Lower your shields and surrender your ship. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile


The next few minutes were a blur. Several Cyborgs materialized on the Bridge, Trenton and another Security officer fired on them, only to see their phaser blasts melt away against the creature’s personal shields. The Cyborgs methodically advanced, thrusting tubular devices into the bodies of the Bridge crew. Anyone so impaled crumbled to the deck, their skin turning a ghastly white as some kind of infection rapidly overtook them. Blackwood launched himself at the nearest invader but was struck down and tubes were punched into his neck. He managed a last order before falling unconscious “Abandon ship!”

Trenton and a Helm officer made it to the Turbo lift, dropping two decks the doors opened onto three Cyborgs, who immediately pushed their way into the lift. Trenton’s phaser was shoved to the side, he was pinned to the bulkhead and cybernetic arm slammed into his side. There was a sharp pain as his body was punctured, there was a strange sensation, an icy cold sensation seemed to be spreading through him. His vision began to fail, going black, he tried to struggle but had no strength. A white cyborg face peered at him, no trace of emotion in it’s dark eyes, it spoke, Resistance is futile

Two of Six, Denary Adjunct, Unimatrix Zero Four, Cube 1467

Cadet Timothy Simon Trenton ceased to exist. A new cybernetic being was made from his body. His right arm, left eye, some internal organs, leg and arm muscles were removed and replaced with cybernetic prosthetics and implants. Nanoprobes flowed through his circulatory system altering his DNA and bodily functions. Normal sleep and nutritional functions would no longer be required, only regeneration cycles every forty hours. Cortical and neural implants were created in his brain and his consciousness became part of the hivemind.

As part of the process his brain was scanned, his knowledge and skills assessed and quantified by computer algorithms. He was designated for primary Tactical and Combat operations

He no longer functioned as an individual being, becoming a Drone of the Borg Collective: Two of Six, Denary Adjunct, Unimatrix Zero Four, Cube 1467

Submatrix Collapse & Reclamation

Unknown to Two of Six, Cube 1467 had assimilated a Romulan female whose mental state had been compromised by exposure to the Admonition. When her mind was linked it triggered a Submatrix Collapse. The Collective immediately isolated the Cube, severed all links, deactivated the power system and placed all Drones into regenestasis.

Two of Six spent the next seven years unconscious in a regeneration cycle until his cubical was accessed by a team from the Borg Reclamation Project.

He spent the next six months in the Disordered Ward where the majority of his implants were removed and he began the long slow process of returning to an individual identity.

Once identified as a former Starfleet Cadet he was transferred to the Hospital facilities at Starbase 133. Over the next fifteen months, working with medical personnel, phycologists and counsellors Drone Two of Six gradually regained his Humanity.

It was at this time that he learned he was the only living member of his family. While Trenton had been attending the Academy both of his parents were transferred to the USS Bellerophon, the ship was lost at the Battle of Wolf 359. His sister Emily and her family had been killed by a JemHadar raid during the Dominion War and his grandparents had died of old age years before

For over thirty years Trenton had been a part of the Borg Collective, now there was no family to replace practically the only bond he had known for the majority of his life. It was at this time that he rejected his former forenames, insisting on being known as Two Six Trenton.

Return to Starfleet

Such was the integration of Borg components and nanoprobes into his body that total removal was unfeasible and would have left him crippled or dead.

Life as a civilian held no interest for him and so he requested a return to Starfleet duty. After an extensive review his request was granted. He completed his fourth and final year at the Academy. Was graduated at the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade and returned to active duty, taking up his former Security career.

Assigned a Tactical Officer aboard the Sabre Class USS Spatha he continued to adapt to his new life. The challenges were great, both internally and outwardly, it took time to overcome the distrust and wariness of colleagues. But his Captain recognized his abilities and he was soon advanced to Assistant Chief of Security, then recommended for a promotion and Chief Security Officer’s position…