Intelligent, tactically sound mind. Fearless warrior. Protective of his family and friends. Strong believer in the ideals that the Federation and Starfleet were founded upon, sometimes called a Patriot. Didn't want to be made a Flag Officer, wanted to remain as a Captain were he can be 'in the field'. K'Temoc has been able to remain 'in the field' by being based at Starbase 400 will his ship, the USS Yorktown based out of there. Aside from his duties as Task Force 99 Commanding Officer, K'Temoc also commands the Special Operations Group for Starbase 400. K'Temoc is currently engaged to Lieutenant Danielle Cole, a Science Officer aboard Starbase 400.


Personal History 2352 – Born on Earth, South Carolina

2357 – Spends two years with family on Qo’noS

2361 – Travel to San Fransisco, visit Starfleet Command and Starfleet Academy

2362 – Travel to Qo’noS again, starts going by his middle name, K’Temoc, only

2364 – Declares his intent to enter Starfleet and attend Starfleet Academy

2374 – Father, ma’gh, is killed by Dominion forces. Later in the year, he and his brother join the House of Martok

2381 – He and his Brother learn they are in fact 1/4 Vulcan on their Mother’s side

2385 – Has a brief fling with an Orion woman, a dancer.

2391 – Late in the year, K’Temoc begins dating Danielle Cole, a Science Officer aboard Starbase 400. The two become very close.

Service Record 2368 – Enters Starfleet Academy, meets Paul MacLeod for the first time

2372 – Graduates Starfleet Academy, assigned to the USS Enterprise-E as a Security Officer. Later in the year he meets Jonathan Roebuck IV when both attend the Starfleet’s Advanced Tactical Training course. Returns to the Enterprise-E after completing the course

2374 – Transfers to the USS Octavian and promoted to Lieutenant, taking the position of Operations Officer. Later in the year he takes over as Marine CO aboard the USS Octivian, promoted to Major. A few months later he is promoted to Commander and assigned to the USS Calidorn as XO

2375 – Promoted to Captain and CO of the USS Falcon, and R&D CO of Avalon Fleet Yards. Following the end of the Dominion war later in the year, he takes an extended Leave of Absence but returns to duty a few months later. USS Falcon is reassigned and the new USS Yorktown-E is commission and assigned to Avalon Fleet Yards with K’Temoc as her CO

2377 – K’Temoc is up for promotion to Commodor, but is passed over during the final review process.

2379 – K’Temoc is assigned the new Ambassador to the Klingon Empire. USS Yorktown-E remains under his command

2380 – Assigned to Starbase 400, USS Yorktown-E remains under his command

2384 – Believing his brother to of been killed by the Krazzle, K’Temoc commands the Yorktown-E in a mission to recover other Federation prisoners from the Krazzle and rescues his brother Mike in the process

2387 – Takes over at the Special Operations Team Commander aboard Starbase 400

2388 – Took part in the joint Federation/Dominion attack on a Dominion base in the Federation/Romulan Neural Zone left over from the Dominion War. The USS Yorktown-E is destroyed early in the engagement after her weapons systems failed. The vessel rams a Dominion Attackship attempting to ram the Pegasus-B. Survivors are rescued by the Pegasus-B

2390 – USS Yorktown-F is commissioned, K’Temoc is made Commanding Officer

2391 – Promoted to Commodore

2392 – Promoted to Rear Admiral and Executive Officer of Task Force 99, 4th Fleet (Bravo Fleet), later in the year promoted to Vice Admiral and the Commanding Officer of Task Force 99.

2394 – Resigns as Task Force 99 CO. Remains at Starbase 400 as the Special Operations Group Commander and CO of the USS Yorktown-F.