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Human Olafsen

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Lieutenant Olafsen




Christina started her career in the Minneapolis Police district. This is reflected in no nonsense demeanor and her dry, occasionally dark, sense of humor. Christina likes people, enjoys being sociable, and seeks out new friends. She is equally comfortable on a solo hike in the woods, or a canoe on the Cannon River in her home town.


She loved living in the country but she realized that the city was calling. In college she started in business but lived next door to a criminal justice student and she found herself spending more time reading his books. After a change of major, and graduation she entered the police academy for the Minneapolis Police District.

She showed promise in her early days as a patrol officer. Within four years she was promoted to an investigator. By the age of 28 she became a full detective. In every role she threw herself fully into it. She had a few close friends, and no particular interest in romantic pursuits.

After a particularly remarkable joint operation with Starfleet security and intelligence  she was invited to Officer Candidate School.