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Human Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Junior Grade Welch



Played By

Kroz (ID: 56)


She is a tall lean figure of a woman with a full head of long blonde hair, which is typically pulled back and up on her head during working hours. Her skin is a lovely pale complexion. Her lips are a ruby red. She has great strength from her time spent as a gymnast and sparing partner.


Personal History

Katherine grew up aboard Starfleet vessels, the list of ships and starbases is longer than she can remember. Her Mother and Father, both Starfleet officers, moved around quite often, because of their specialty, operation and procedural consultants. Moving about so often had not provided their family much consistency and negative behaviors from the girls were beginning to develop, especially in Katherine. Edmond and Olivia Welch thought it best to give their girls a more harmonious and grounded situation to raise their children. When Katherine turned 8, they transitioned to Embassy Administrators on the world of Mazar.

Mazar is the homeworld of the Mazarites. The government is known as the Mazarite High Council. Mazar was one of the planets involved in the Interspecies Medical Exchange in the 2150s. It is a Class M planet located in the Alpha Quadrant. The people and customs on Mazar were one of conservative with a high morals about nudity and sexual tendencies.

During this time on Mazar, Katherine and Kristine, her younger sister, grew closer together as sisters. They enjoyed the beautiful skies and uncontrolled weather of this world, compared to that aboard a starship. The girls matured in stature and poise as pretty young ladies should. The Welchs agreed with this philosophy on Mazar, therefore teaching their daughters how to be virtuous and respectable, reserving carnal nature of the flesh to be shared with their future life-mate only.

When Kathrin was 14, her parents were offered a wonderful assignment aboard a Starbase. Both Kristine and Katherine were asked and they agreed to their family’s new assignment. All thought that the different environment would provide new possibilities and opportunities. During the next several years Katherine grew into a fine young woman; intellectually, physically, emotionally, and very attractive. She also became curious of boys, but with her foundation of morality and monogamy, she remained strong and true to her faith. Her greatest joy during this time was gymnastics and martial arts. Whenever she worked out, especially when using a bow-stick, she felt ‘whole’ and completely in control.

Katherine very much wanted to follow her parent’s example and become part of Starfleet. She applied and was accepted into Starfleet Academy. There, she was encouraged to improve herself even further. She found she had an aptitude for Engineering, but that was not to be, in the end.

Kristine, her younger sister by 4 years, had become a complete opposite. Kristine is more of the artist and pacifist. While growing up Kathrine had been responsible for her younger sister many times. It had been difficult for Katherine to get her little sister to obey. She never did anything on time and never the way she was told to do it.

Katherine entered Starfleet Academy with the thought of using her aptitude for Engineering or fighting skills for a carrier in Security, but by the 2nd year she found that she enjoyed organization and procurement much more. She then focused all her energy in the area of Operation and Management Systems.

Service Record

2380-2381: Academy – Year I, General Studies
2381-2382: Academy – Year II, General Studies
—— 2382: USS Marshall – Junior Cadet Cruise
————- Personal assistant to Chief of Operations
2382-2383: Starfleet Academy – Year III,
————- Operations – socialization and behavioral forms
—— 2383: USS Einstein – Senior Cadet Cruise,
————- Personal Assistant to Chief of Operations
2383-2384: Starfleet Academy – Year IV,
————- Operations – Procurmemt, customs, & priorities

2384-2385: USS Century – Operations Officer
2385-2386: USS Antara – Operations Officer
2386-2387: USS Gemini – Assistant Chief of Operations
2387-2388: Deep Space Five – Assistant Chief of Operations

2388-            USS Montgomery – Chief of Operations

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2016 - Present Chief of Operations USS Montgomery