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Human - Threshold Female

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Kroz (ID: 56)


Bree is short and nimble, more than most. She has a slender frame, yet strong. She is rather wiry, which helps her get into locations to make repairs that others have a hard time doing. Her long brown hair flows in waves when allowed to hang, which she prefers. She allows her hair to hang down about her face when she can get away with it.


Bree is very timid, yet full of energy and smiles, and craves attention. She has known suffering and abuse in her youth, but doesn’t talk about it. She has become very knowledgeable about engineering and fixing things. Some have been surprised that she did not try to become an officer in Starfleet.
Strengths & Weaknesses  She is very knowledgeable of power systems and electronic components, and knows more than she lets on. Her small size gives her the advantage to get into and reach components, where others would have to pull everything out to make a repair. Bree has learned how to use her sexuality to get changes made to her favor.

She is of slight frame and can be overpowered. Her insatiable desire for affection has led her into relationships and situations that have not turned out well for her, yet has learned to be more guarded in her choices.

She preferred to drink when alone. She knew from her past experience that she becomes an angry drunk, and not too sociable at that point.

Ambitions  To do her best for Starfleet. To locate her older brother. To one day return to her homeworld and help in some way bring her people back together and rebuild its society.
Hobbies & Interests  She likes to collect small things she can hold in her hand. Bree has been known to pick up things that do not necessarily belong to her.

As an escape, she likes to get lost in a good epic novel. The fantasy realm is where she finds herself mostly, but has been tempted on several occasions to read graphic romance novels.
Personal History  Bree came to Starfleet almost as a last resort. She was 14 without a home and an uncertain future. She knew she could survive in the fallen civilization by using her body, but chose to use her mind instead.

She was born on an agricultural planet of Threshold. It lies in the area of space protected by the United Federation of Planets, equal distant between the worlds of Kappa Persei and Kazar. The government of Threshold, however, did not want to become part of the United Federation of Planets. Many felt that their peaceful society was far enough away from the domineering and savage races. They didn’t want to have to live by anyone else’s rules, but their own. Many space fairing races visited and did commerce with Threshold and several had an embassy in their capital city.

Her parents were part of the high society of Threshold. Most children from this small group were spoiled and few were educated. Higher education was something for the working class. Those of wealth and influence went to Universities, but most of the study was of sociology and philosophy, the proper management of people and how to influence them.

To go to a college of knowledge, individuals were destined to work for someone else for the rest of their lives. As a child, Bree was very normal, light tan skin, slender with long flowing brown hair that flowed behind her when as she walked. She had not a care in the world. She was a beautiful child learning music and dance. She had the voice of an angel and the delicate nature of a gentle summer breeze. When she turned 13 an economic break down began on Threshold. The financial markets faltered and societal groups began to point fingers as to the blame, but no one wanted to take responsibility. The world currency became worthless. Entire industries shut down. Riots began in the street demanding work and food. The response from the United Federation of Planets came, but the protocols of diplomacy always took too long. The weak died, the oppressive became tyrants, militias fought, those in the field of fire and bystanders died for no reason.

Those in high society found refuge in their towers and isolated settlements out from the cities, but that did not help them for long. Soon even they had to do or sell something or trade something for food. Many times the anger from a crowd was taken out on someone from that formerly influential part of their society. They might be stoned or beaten to death.

With the collapse of their society, her family also collapsed. Her father was killed in a riot. Her mother trampled to death when the military troops forced civilians out of the streets where she had been waiting in line for food. This just left her and her older brother to protect each other. Her brother, Arriss, was good at protecting them and hiding them from the worker groups. Her brother taught her to fight and to protect what was hers. They worked when they could and hid when it was necessary. Bree became strong, knowledgeable of electronics, and agile as a thief. Unfortunately, she couldn’t always fight everyone off, especially when they came as a group. She was forced at first, but also learned of her sexuality and how she could use it to her own advantage. During this period of uprising, those from other worlds left for their own safety. From time to time a ship would arrive with emergency relief supplies. It was on one of these relief missions that Bree, when she was 15, used her influence on one of the relief workers to slip her back aboard their ship and off Threshold. She wanted to bring her brother too, but she had not seen him in a 10 day and had no idea where he could be.

A couple from the relief crew found Camibree huddled and starving and took her in as their own child. Life was good with her adopted family for a couple years, but her continued overt sexuality, and being frequently arrested for theft caused a major confrontation and she was asked to leave. A friend encouraged to enlist in Starfleet.

Service Record  Starfleet history –

After completing the Starfleet training for an engineering crewman, Camibree Stephons found joy where she had never before; in making machines work well. Her first assignment was aboard the USS Kyushu. There she assisted with the maintenance of the fighter fleet on board. The USS Galileo was next. It was a pure science vessel, and though out of the path of violence, but never danger. Deep Space 10 in the far off Gavarian Corridor provided many experiences and much training. It was a time where she worked on everything from worker-bees to the massive fusion reactors. Then finally assigned to the USS Ajax – A glorified shuttle on patrol.
Medical History –

Multiple stab wounds. A long cut down the underside of the right forearm.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2015 - 2019 Engineer USS Ajax
Propulsion Specialist Engineering