Ensign Chales Kay

General Although the academy has helped him, Charlie is still learning what it means to be an adult and look after himself. He is still relatively immature and is prone to make decisions without first considering the consequences. In his free time, he enjoys going out to 'have fun' and quite often this fun leads to a sore head the next morning and 'regretting life decisions'. Hobbies and Interests Amongst his greatest hobbies Charlie enjoys Mountaineering and anything involving camping. He often tries out new adventurous training activities 'in real life' and on the holodeck. He enjoys listening to music, take the odd opportunity to play the trumpet but doesn't practice enough to play particularly well.


At a young age Charles (or Charlie) lost his mother and his father threw himself into his work. Being an only child and having an absent father, Charlie was brough up by his aunt and spent most of his childhood with his cousins who were all older than him. His two cousins both older than him both left home and started their journey through Starfleet academy. Charlie would listen intently to the stories they would tell about the adventures they would have behind the controls of shuttles and later Starships. For the best part of three years Charlie spent every waking moment thinking of joining his cousins in Starfleet and piloting his own Starship.

As soon as he was able to do so Charlie applied to Starfleet academy with the intention of fulfilling his ambition of training as a pilot and becoming the helmsman on a Starship. However, it became evident in early assessments that his dream wasn’t to be, he failed the aptitude assessments to join the academy as a pilot and instead was offered his second choice a place on the Security, Tactical and Intelligence stream. Six months after accepting the place in the Security/ Tactical stream Charlie started his four-year journey through the academy.

Determined to receive a pilot rating, Charlie persuaded the instructors to assign him basic shuttle operations training. Over his four years at the academy Charlie managed to crash two shuttles during his training and failed his pilot examinations twice before finally passing with a ‘Satisfactory’ at the end of his second year.

Although not his first choice Charlie demonstrated an aptitude in Security, Tactical and Intelligence work. In his fourth year he was selected to serve with Starfleet Intelligence supporting Intelligence operatives investigating various criminal organisations involved in weapons smuggling.

Charlie graduated from the academy with a BSc (Hons) in Security, Intelligence and Investigative Practice and requested a Starfleet Intelligence posting. With very few Intelligence posts available, Charlie was instead sent off to join the USS Charlieton as a Security/ Tactical Officer.

Service Record

2395 - 2396
Starfleet Academy
Cadet Freshman Grade
2396 - 2397
Starfleet Academy
Cadet Sophomore Grade
2397 - 2398
Starfleet Academy
Cadet Junior Grade
2398 - 2399
Starfleet Academy
Cadet Senior Grade
2298 - 2399
Intern Intelligence Officer
Starfleet Intelligence
Cadet Senior Grade
2399 - Present
Security/ Tactical Officer
U.S.S. Charleston