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Tatsuo Suzuki

Human Male

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Civilian Suzuki




Tatsuo Suzuki



Tatsuo has never been accused of being “handsome”. He has a stern and serious visage that is, on first glance, not overly friendly. As a remnant of his Starfleet years, Tatsuo remains physically fit.


Tatsuo was born in New Berlin on Luna in 2332 in a quiet time for the Federation. The constant, spectacular view of passing starships from the lunar surface engendered within him a fascination that would persist throughout his life. Tatsuo graduated from Sato University at the age of 19 with a degree in alternative sublight propulsion, then earned a second degree in high-speed warp efficiency from Watney University at the age of 24. It was then that Tatsuo made the decision to join the ranks of the vaunted Starfleet engineers.

As he progressed through the Academy, Tatsuo’s calling became obvious. While he was merely rated as “adequate” in personal combat, diplomatic relations and scientific study, he quickly became renowned as a highly talented engineer with both ability and interest in starship design. Upon graduation and a brief experience at Earth Spacedock, Tatsuo would go on to have a career at the shipyards of Utopia Planetia.

Then Wolf 359 happened. At the time, Tatsuo was temporary chief engineer of the prototype USS Akira during her shakedown cruise on what was meant to be a quiet tour of the Federation. Instead, while near Starbase 16, word came through: the USS Enterprise had engaged the Borg, Captain Picard had been assimilated and the Borg were advancing on Earth. While the Akira made best speed to join the fleet, her brand new systems failed while racing at warp nine, resulting in the starship arriving over a day too late. Instead, the Akira was one of the first Starfleet vessels to bear witness to the results of the most disastrous defeat that Starfleet had suffered in over a century. Despite the near certainty that the Akira’s presence would not have changed the outcome, Tatsuo took his failure to maintain warp nine personally, resulting in his determination to do better. As the Akira was rushed into service to compensate for Starfleet’s losses, Tatsuo requested to be made chief engineer.

Following Wolf 359 he would go on to have a successful engineering career. It was on the USS Anihel, a mighty Galaxy-class starship, that Tatsuo would go on to experience both great happiness and great sorrow. The Anihel would be on the front lines through some of the most disastrous battles of the Dominion War, often taking horrendous damage and casualties that ultimately resulted in Tatsuo’s appointment as XO. The Anihel would continue to take casualties, eventually losing over five hundred crew during the ship’s destruction as the Allies finally advanced on Cardassia itself. The horrors of war would prove too much for the engineer, eventually resigning his commission following the Treaty of Bajor.

One bright spot for Tatsuo, however, was his captain on the Anihel. The two of them would transition from a highly fractious working relationship to a profound marriage. As his wife ascended to the ranks of the admirality, often working all over the Federation and beyond, Tatsuo remained on Mars to raise their children. His return to Utopia Planetia was a quiet one as Tatsuo lacked his former ambition and drive. As their children grew up, the newest project that Tatsuo faced-a review of the Galaxy-class-demanded personal inspections of an in-service starship. While his wife agreed to remain at Sol with the family, Tatsuo returned to Starfleet, this time as a civilian.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2360 - 2362 Maintenance Technician Earth Spacedock
2362 - 2367 Junior Design Assistant Utopia Planetia Shipyards
2367 - 2370 Chief Engineer USS Akira
2370 - 2371 Chief Engineer USS S'harien
2371 - 2375 Chief Engineer/First Officer USS Anihel