Profile Overview

Adrian Fisher

Human (Terran) Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Corporal Fisher




Square jawed and average height. Adrian keeps his hair in a crew cut and keeps his face clean shaven with hardly a hair on his face. (John Cena)

Adrian is gung-ho, he believes in what he does and is unshakable when given an order. Adrian keeps himself in shape and fit. It helps him clear his mind and since the loss of his family he tries to keep his mind cleared. Working out keeps himself from thinking of his Family and it helps him cope with the loss.


Adrian was born and raised on Earth, in Virginia. He was raised hunting and doing physical activities. He graduated high school at 18 and enlisted in the Military Assault Command Operations Division. He enlisted as a Reserve Infantryman. He continued on to college after basic training and met his wife after graduating with a bachelors degree in criminal justice. They married and had a son shortly after. Adrian joined the Police force upon graduation and entered service as a detective. While a detective he still served in the reserve forces with MACO. When he was 26, his wife and son were travelling to Earth from the Virgis system. Their ship was attacked by pirates and destroyed. Adrian took the loss of his wife and son hard and he quit the force and fell into a depression and alcoholism. After a year of rough times and bouncing from menial labor jobs, Adrian managed to get his act together and signed up for active duty.