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Profile Overview

Adrian Quinlan

Human Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Quinlan




Adrian was born in 2226 as the only child to Eogan Quinlan and Gillian Bradley on Arendis, an independent colony world. His family lived on social welfare assistance after his parents were injured during a mining accident when he was young,.

After he graduated from school at 16, he applied to the Arendis Defence Force, but was not accepted into training due to family’s lack of connections. Shortly afterwards, both of his parents’ health declined and he chose to stay home and take care of them. Having wanted to study warp theory, he enrolled in open-source courses from home while he worked part-time to take care of his parents.

When he was 19, he started taking part-time classes offered by the Federation Embassy on Arendis. He impressed a visiting Starfleet captain who sponsored him to apply to Starfleet Academy. At first he didn’t want to leave Arendis, but when his parents passed away at the end of year, he had little keeping him there. He decided to take the entrance exam and passed, after which he moved to Earth to enroll in Starfleet Academy.