Profile Overview

Sophie Archer

Human Female

Character Information




Skin Color: White
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color/Length: Black/long in ponytails
Height: 5‘ 6”
Weight: 122 lbs
Bust Size: A
Blood Type: AB +

Physical Appearance: Sophie wears a specially designed armor under suit that protects her while in combat. She wears stockings, combat boots, and a uniform from Delta Force. When off duty she wears a skirt and blouse set. She also wears a zip-able hoodie and jeans with sneakers. She also sometimes wears a pink sleeveless dress or a jean jacket, pink tanktop with a jean skirt and boots. She has fair and soft skin and has a clear complexion. People often mistake her for a high school student because of her youthful appearance. She resembles Kotoko Takano from Bokura Wa Piacere in appearance.


Professional Background

Education Level: Master’s Degree – Philosophy

Service History:

Basic Training – Camp Moritus – UDC Fleet Service (Age 17)

Officer Candidate Training Corps – UDC Fleet Service (Age 18/19)

UDS Taskmaster – Intelligence Officer | Ensign (Age 20 – 24)

UDS Jackson – Chief Intelligence Officer | Lieutenant Junior Grade (Age 25) She took part in a battle during this where the ship was destroyed; she saved crew members and commanded them until rescue)

Command Recommendation – Captain Mel Dountless

Command Academy – Lieutenant Commander (Age 26)

TFS Titan – Mission Operations Liaison | Lieutenant Commander (Age 26 – 29)

Deep Space 18 – Executive Officer | Commander (Age 29 – 32)

Field Team 6 – Commanding Officer, DFCTO Earth Operations | Commander (Age 32)

Promotion to Captain upon assignment to new command upon Team 6 mission success.

DFS Lavie – Commanding Officer

Trinity Tactial Operations; DFCTO Command – Operations Coordinator – current