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Dirk Allaway

Human Male

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Lieutenant Allaway




John Dirk Allaway



John Dirk Allaway, known as Dirk growing up, was born on August 23, 2349 to Jack and Nicole Allaway in small town Nebraska. Growing up his father worked as a mechanical engineer for the Spaceport in nearby Lincoln. Naturally at home he developed a love for working on things. In small town Nebraska there wasn’t much do except drink and cheer for the Huskers. So, Dirk and his friends would fix up and make wheeled vehicles and race them around. As he got older it was clear he had a gift for how things worked. He loved tearing things apart and putting it back together.

His older brother Jim Allaway was born 13 years before Dirk. Dirk always remembered the fondest memories of Jim who had great care and love for him. Interestingly Jim went on to become a Pastor. A career no one in their family expected and one Dirk found to be very interesting. Though Dirk and Jim don’t talk as much, whenever there is a chance Dirk always has the greatest respect and love for his brother. Jim shares the same sentiment and is the one who always communicates with Dirk.

When Dirk was in high school he would go with his dad on some weekends or after school to his work and help him with some maintenance on different ships coming in and out. Dirk had a keen interest in warp propulsion and with fast speeds. He learned a lot about Warp Systems while at the Lincoln Spaceport. He was so helpful and able to do the work on his own that the Spaceport offered him an internship that would lead to a job. Dirk was tempted, but had high hopes of attending Starfleet Academy and exploring outside of the plains of Nebraska.

When Dirk was 17 he was accepted into Starfleet Academy, College of Engineering. Dirk studied Starship Engineering and Warp Propulsion System/Theory. The Academy was an exciting time for Dirk, and he often found himself falling behind in his studies because he enjoyed the social life of San Francisco. Dirk would have graduated top of his engineering class if he had put more focus on his studies. However, he was still top in his class when it came to Warp Systems and Propulsion.

While in San Francisco he met his future wife, Tallie Snow. She was a Pre-Med student at the University of California. Upon first meeting her he found her be a very mysterious young woman, full of life and character that could not be explained in just one meeting. They met while he was doing a class on medical science, and needed to observe with undergrad students from the University. He had to get to know her, and why she had a love for people that he did not understand.

Dirk graduated with the class of 2371 and shortly after married Tallie. The newly commissioned Ensign was first assigned to the USS Canterbury and quickly recognized by his peers as possessing a gift for starship engineering. He recognized that he needed to change his habits of slacking and procrastinating because the situation in Starfleet was very serious in the midst of the Dominion War. He was incredibly helpful with his fellow engineers and became a go-to-man for the Chief Engineer. There he met an enlisted man named Alvin Bloomfield. They became fast close friends, often working with each other. They complimented each other well and worked hard to keep the ship running during the Dominion War. Tallie was studying at Johns Hopkins receiving her M.D.

After his stay with the Canterbury, he transferred to the Sovereign, of the same class name. Dirk loved the Sovereign, and the crew he was with. His colleague, Alvin, joined him aboard the ship as well. Dirk would argue that they had the most efficient Engineering crew at the time. While there, Dirk worked his way up to be the 1st Assistant Chief Engineer. However, after all that he went through in Starfleet it was at that point Dirk felt he had accomplished all he wanted out of his time exploring. Tallie and he sought to go back to Earth to try and start a family.

Returning to Earth, Dirk acquired a position at San Francisco Fleet Yards as a simple Maintenance Engineer. During his 8 years at the Fleet Yards he worked his way up the ladder, being involved in the assembly and installation of warp cores and other warp propulsion systems. While working at the yards he attended MIT and earned his Master of Science in Warp Theory. Later he was placed as one of the Starship Refits Supervisors. It wasn’t space exploration, but it gave a better foundation for Dirk and Tallie to start a family, and he still felt he was a part of the overall mission of Starfleet, to explore.

Unfortunately, Dirk and Tallie couldn’t conceive and it left both of them in grief. They both continued to build a life together and even started looking toward adoption. However, to add to Dirk’s misfortune, Tallie became ill rapidly and it resulted in her death. Starfleet approved for Dirk to take an extended leave of absence as he gathered his thoughts. His brother Jim reached out and tried to do his best to be there for him. Dirk was not so open to the “pity” he felt surrounding him. He decided not stay at the Fleet Yards but instead get back out into space, explore, help the Federation and Starfleet any way he could.

In 2388 Dirk was checked out by his counselor to return to duty. He sought to get on the next ship that came in for a refit. He sent his request for any engineering position aboard a starship. He was fortunate enough to be sent to the USS Venture as the Chief Engineer. He was surprised by the circumstance, but he knew this position will help keep his mind off of other things. He saw the Venture as the new lady in his life to take care of.

Dirk’s arrival on the Venture was welcoming and he immediately fell in love with the ship and crew. He was able to connect with Captain Perin, who had previously been the Chief Engineer of Venture. He formed relationships with the other senior staff and it helped keep his mind off his more recent past. He still, however, needed to visit with the Chief Counselor, Commander Sulani. While he did not initially much care for the sessions, they helped him with his insecurities, and fears.

He developed a friendly relationship with Petty Officer Lumo, who has been a good friend for Dirk to keep in touch with. 6 months into his assignment though the Venture was attacked by a Romulan Warbird that disabled their systems using an old modified breen weapon. Dirk was seriously injured in the side when he was off duty meeting with Lumo in the lounge. A number of the crew assisted him and bringing him to sickbay where he was patched up. During his recovery a new Chief of Operations officer, Hela Riis, assisted in leading the engineering department. Allaway, being stubborn, attempted to get back on his feet too early and get back to work. He was immediately ushered back to sickbay.

After receiving a visit from Lumo and recovering more he was checked out of sickbay and able to return to work. Lieutenant Riis and himself worked on terminating the virus that had entered into the Venture system from the attack. The Venture made it’s way to Raeyan Prime to find the person/organization that attacked them leaving them defenseless. Dirk and Hela were able to successfully eradicate the virus and make modifications that would not cripple Venture again. A conversation with Lieutenant Barnes of security gave rise to a strategy in the event Venture is attacked again. A sort of trap that would put Venture in a better position.

While on mission a Mr. Suzuki came aboard the Venture. An Engineering specialist from Starfleet to inspect the Venture for a possible Dreadnaught participate. Dirk is not a fan for Starfleet butting in, but he has been cooperating. Suzuki had been a bit critical but all Dirk can do is work with what he can out in deep space with not much starbase help.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2388 - Present Chief Engineering Officer USS Venture
2387 - 2388 On Leave ELOA
2383 - 2387 Starship Refits Supervisor San Francisco Fleet Yards, Repair Dock 3
2381 - 2383 Chief Warp Systems Officer San Francisco Fleet Yards, Repair Dock 3
2379 - 2381 Maintenance Engineer San Francisco Fleet Yards, Repair Dock 3
2377 - 2379 Assistant Chief Engineering Officer USS Sovereign
2376 - 2377 Senior Warp Systems Officer USS Sovereign
2375 - 2376 Senior Engineering Officer USS Canterbury
2372 - 2375 Damage Control Officer USS Canterbury
2371 - 2372 Propulsion Officer USS Canterbury