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Gillian Carter

Human Female

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Rank & Address

Lieutenant Junior Grade Carter


Gillian is of average heigh but very slim. with shoulder length deep brown hair that has natural soft curls and is worn in a loose bun or pleat when on duty. She has a spine length pink rose tattoo on her back and several pircings 3 in her left ear and two in her right along with a nose stud and lip ring. Gillian likes to wear make up but keeps it minimal when on duty.


Gillian and her twin sister Bethany were born while her parents were stationed on Betazed over seeing a starfleet training programme. Anna Marie was now 8 and Anthony James 3. They were a very open family and all four children were home schooled by their mother until they transferred back to Anderson marine barracks back on earth where they attended the local schools.

All of the children were high Achievers, Gillian and Bethany evenly matched in grades, lifestyle and interests like most twins. However they could both cope equally well with out the other something their mother was keen that they should be able to do as they would not be with each other for ever but they remained very close.

On leaving school Anna went on to the academy and graduated with a B+ and went on to train as as a pilot while Anthony graduated with a B and became a member of security at starfleet head quarters. Bethany and Gillian graduated with honours with a grade A. Bethany is a counselor’s aide on the USS Haven, newly married and pregnant. Gillian went on to work in Starfleet medical as a nurse. 8 months in to her first posting Gillian decided it was time to apply for a ship posting as this was her reason for joining the academy to get out there and see the stars as she use to always say to her mother.

After several rejections she was accepted as a nurse DS7. Gillian still has a lot to learn and a lot to prove and she hopes this will be the best place for her.

Durin her time on the base Gillian studdied hard and passed her full medical exams and taking on the role of medical officer and a few months later after several crew changes she was promoted to CMO

When it was decided that the base would shut down she transfered with most of the crew to the USS Excalibur.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2381 Starfleet Recruit Starfleet Academy
2382 Starfleet Recruit Starfleet Academy
2383 Starfleet Recruit Starfleet Academy
2384 Starfleet Recruit Starfleet Academy
2384 - 2385 Nurse Starfleet Medical
2385 Nurse Deep Space 7
2386 Medical Officer Deep Space 7
2386 - 2387 Chief Medical Officer Deep Space 7