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Khaiel Nakai

Rihannsu Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Nakai




Thin, delicate features. Wiry. Tall for a Rihannsu, but not imposing. Striking blue eyes.


Life on ch’Rihan was brutal and brief. Being interested in plants was not highly thought of in Rihannsu society. His parents enrolled Khaiel in the Rihannsu Manaek Academy in an attempt to save the family honor. For a time, the institute was a home for Khaiel until 2373 and the onset of the Dominion War. With his interest and high marks in trauma, he was transferred to Terok Nor to serve Senator Kimara Cretak as sub-Maenek. During the next few months, he worked alongside Doctor Bashere and was introduced to recordings of the great Ambassador Spock.

For the visit, Khaiel was required to learn how to fly Senator Cretak’s personal shuttle because the Senator appreciated having a medic in her retinue. Later that year, the Senator was recalled to Homeworld. Khaiel requested, and received asylum in the Federation. With the help of his friends Dr. Julian Bashere and Miles O’Brian, Khaiel was the last to leave the station, holding back to pilot the last warp shuttle leaving DS9. There was an explosion and the shuttle was recorded as lost with all hands. In reality, the shuttle was rigged with explosives and scuttled. There was no lasting damage to the shuttle or its cargo and Khaiel claimed salvage rights as part of his heritage. He quietly defected to the Federation and a few months later, applied to Starfleet. With his defection, Khaiel shed his family name because he was technically dead. He took up a rare Fourth name, Nakai, to show he was still dedicated to the Old Ways and to Honor mnhei’sahe.

Side note: Khaiel’s family are not Romulan or part of the Empire. They are from the outlying districts and politically, part of the Rihannsu Republic.

At Starfleet Academy, Khaiel’s studies were accelerated due to his prior graduation from Manaek Academy. Rank was determined due to merit and equivalent rank transfer. At the Academy, Khaiel found a place with Arnold Boothby, grandson of the late great groundskeeper, Raymond Boothby. With Boothby’s help, Khaiel found a new Home at Starfleet.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2374 - 2375 Shuttle Pilot & Maenek to Senator Kimara Cretak Shuttle Ilieset
2375 - 2380 Trauma Nurse / Medic USS Nightingale - NCC 60805
2380 - 2384 Trauma Nurse / Medic Halovaya - VCC-21183
2284 - 2285 Arboretum Officer, Nurse Starbase 84
2385 Chief Medical Officer & Chief Science Officer USS Triton - NCC 80106
2385 Ambulatory Shuttle Pilot Starbase Unity