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Sasri Dex

Trill (Joined) Female

Character Information

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Captain Dex


Sasri Dex



Early Life


Sasri Tagren was born on September 10, 2268, to Vireeh and Yiri Tagren who both were unjoined as they were rejected from the Symbiosis Commission. They were fine with that as they could focus on their family, in rarity Sasri has a twin brother named Deju Tagren, this is usually unheard of but does happen from time to time. They were inseparable and did about everything together, they could sense when the other was hurt or in distress just as human twins would. Sasri was more of the outgoing adventurous one while Deju was the laid back, cautious type.

Jeziam Tagren and Relil Tagren her father’s parents died when she was very young so she doesn’t have any memories of them. Her grandparents on her mother’s side, Selo Rozahl, and Kena Tauhl were still living and they would spend a lot of time together. She always looked up to her grandmother as she was joined to the Rozahl symbiont while her grandfather wasn’t able to be joined due to medical reasons.

When Sasri was eight years old, the family went on a hike in the mountains and it seemed like their world was turned upside down when Sasri slipped and fell halfway down the mountain. What should have killed her, somehow she miraculously survived the fall, though she would spend the next year in the hospital with major injuries that required physical therapy. She was a remarkable girl who didn’t give up easily and kept fighting to get back to where she was before the fall. She had to relearn how to walk, talk, eat and dress but over that year she prevailed and was back to her old self again with some residual effects as she walks with a slight limp in her right leg but is barely noticeable unless someone is paying attention.

Sasri was a bright child growing up, excelling in school while Deju struggled. She would always help her brother out when he needed extra tutoring. She made friends easily by just her bubbly personality through her twin would be her only true best friend, they did everything together. She started a tutoring ‘club’ to help other students who struggled or just needed help in a subject or assignment, her teachers encouraged her and was proud of a young girl to go out of her way to help others.

Even though her accident she still enjoyed hiking, and other activities with her family though she is more cautious in that aspect now. She didn’t let that accident keep her from doing things she enjoyed.

Teen Years

As she grew older, she found an interest in science after an assignment that left her thinking. She expressed her interest in joining the Trill Science Ministry after she finished high school. Her parents were proud of her decision, her mother was a Doctor at the local hospital there on Trill while her father was a biologist. She also expressed her desire to be joined, though her parents were not able to be joined they didn’t stop their children from possibly pursuing the possibility. She was of average height and weight with only being five foot eight inches tall and a hundred and forty-five pounds she wouldn’t get much taller as she reached her full height.

Sasri still excelled in school, she took all the extra subjects in school that would help her get into the Science Ministry. She still found the time to tutor others as well as continue to do what she loved doing. While in school she met a young man named Dar Niahl who was in the same grade as her. They seemed to hit it off right from the beginning, becoming fast friends who eventually started dating. They seemed like the picture-perfect couple, though they had their ups and downs just like any teenager. Though after almost two years the two grew apart and went their separate ways after graduating high school.

Sasri was heartbroken over the breakup but, she eventually got over it as she needed to focus on her goals.  During her final year, she learned that her grandparents were killed in a tragic accident, she was devastated and took the loose harder than her parents expected. She learned that the symbiont wasn’t able to be saved and was lost, which saddened her. After taking a few weeks off of school she returned and continued her education and was determined to make her grandparents proud of her even though they were no longer alive.

After graduating high school at the top of her class, she applied and was accepted into the Science Ministry which she would spend the next six years.

Trill Science Ministry

Once she was accepted, she would pursue a couple of degrees one being that of general science and the other a biologist like her father. The next six years of her life would prove to be much harder than she had previously had encountered. During this time she also sent in her application to the Trill Symbiosis Commission with her interest in becoming joined.

Sasri had spent most of her waking hours either in class or studying, sometimes well into the night. Somethings came easily while a good majority of it was difficult to even for her. But, she didn’t give up and kept going giving up what she liked to do as she felt her education was more important. She would visit her family on holidays but that ended up eventually becoming more less frequent as the years went on, though she would talk to her parents over communication about every night.

While in her third year, she heard back that she was placed for candidacy for the Symbiosis Commission which added more work on her shoulders but to her it was important and her determination prevailed. After she graduated with her first degree she kept going, on her second degree in biology. She was given the option to take a break but, she chose to keep going, though biology was a challenge she finished out the remaining three years and graduated with her second degree with honors.

Sasri spent a few months at home with her family while deciding what her next steps were going to be, after learning that she was in the top of being selected to continue the process of becoming joined she learned of an opportunity that she felt would also help towards approval for the Trill Symbiosis Commission. After speaking to her parents about the opportunity they were behind her completely, she decided to apply for Starfleet Academy. She would be the first of her family and possibly a very few of her species to ever join Starfleet.

Starfleet Career

Starfleet Academy (2292 – 2296)

Saying goodbye to her family she headed off to Earth on a freighter to start her Starfleet career, she would stay in the field of Science. Once she arrived and got settled in her dorm. She would begin her classes, they seemed to be more challenging than her time at the Trill Science Ministry as it seemed to cover more. She thrived on a good challenge and she didn’t let this get the best of her, she would spend most of her time studying. Sasri didn’t go out as much as she felt her career was more important than partying, unlike her roommate. Dedra tried endless times to get her to go out with her but she just refused each time.

She finished her first couple of years at the Academy getting high marks in her classes, her third year would prove to be a whirlwind of difficulty for her. She started struggling more, having failed a class, and having to retake it felt like a blow to her. She started to think again about her career in Starfleet wanting a few times to just give up. One of her instructors noticed and was able to give her advice and help her overcome this hardship. She was able to turn back around and bring back her grades and pass all her classes which she felt impossible but with the help of the instructor, she had a new lease on finishing. She learned at the end of her third year that she was approved by the Trill Symbiosis Commission and would be contacted as soon as they had a symbiont for her.

Her final year she was sent on a cruise on the USS Exeter to get hands-on training which would last the whole last year of the Academy. During one mission, they were sent to help a planet whose people seemed to be suffering from some kind of decease. She was able to figure out what was causing it and was able to help their doctors with a cure. Though it wasn’t easy and didn’t come right away but with dedication and long nights of research she was able to finally find the cure. After her year was finished she went back to the Academy for graduation, she was at the top of her class. She learned that she would be assigned to the very ship she did her tour with her senior year which she was ecstatic about as she got to know the crew over that time and worked very well together.

Trill Symbiosis Commission (2296)

Though right before she was set to be assigned to the USS Exeter she was called back to Trill immediately to be joined with the Dex symbiont. So the Captain of the Exeter agreed to take her back to Trill to undergo the procedure. Once she arrived, she learned that Irjil Dex was in a tragic accident and the symbiont was in distress and needed to be removed from Irjil. She was allowed a few moments alone with Irjil to hopefully get to know her a little bit before being joined.

Sasri held Irjil’s hand during the procedure which was a success, Sasri began to feel everything that Irjil had lived, memories, emotions, even the accident. She held her hand until Irjil passed away peacefully, tears ran down her face as she now was the second host to the Dex symbiont at the age of twenty-eight, Sasri Tagren became Sasri Dex. She would remain on Trill for the next ninety-two hours to make sure her body wouldn’t reject the symbiont. She was permitted to go visit her family until see was clear to head back to Starfleet for her first assignment.

She would spend the next few days with her family, getting caught up and sharing her newfound experiences that came from the joining. She would also spend this time to get used to the new emotions as well as all the memories that Irjil during her life. Some were good, she also was a science major though she didn’t purse Starfleet, she spent eight years at the Trill Science Ministry. She had some sad memories and then the accident that leads in her dying, she risked her life to save a girl from falling down a cliff but ended up falling herself. It reminded her of her accident as a child, she was able to relate a lot to what Irjil went through like the joining with the Dex symbiont was meant to be.

After the time had passed and the commission cleared her she said goodbye again to her family and headed back to the Exeter which was still in orbit of Trill.

USS Exeter (2296 – 2305)

Now, Ensign Dex was assigned to the USS Exeter a Constitution-class as her first assignment as Science Officer, as the Captain requested her after her tour during her senior year at the academy. He felt she was a good addition to his crew after their last mission that saved the lives of many. Though the Klingon-Federation war ended some years ago, there seem to be still tensions between the two. During her first year aboard, they were assigned to patrol the Federation-Klingon border as there were rumors of raids going on close to Federation space. During their patrol, Sasri noticed something on sensors that didn’t seem normal, after further investigation, it wasn’t any raids going on it was a scientific phenomenon that Sasri discovered that seemed to put out false readings until your close to the nebula. They would spend the next few days studying the nebula, learned that no one can enter it without causing severe damage to the ship.

Over the next couple of years, they would continue to patrol the area though not finding anything interesting, though there were some skirmishes along the borders, nothing that caused concern and couldn’t be handled diplomatically. In 2300 Sasri was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade and would serve the next five years aboard the Exeter. During her last year aboard, they received a distress signal from a Klingon ship that happened to find that same nebula that they discovered a few years back. They requested assistance, which the Exeter responded though the Klingon Captain wasn’t thrilled that it was the Federation that answered their distress signal, they agreed to accept the assistance.

Though the ship couldn’t enter the nebula, the Captian asked Sasri if she could come up with a way to get them out of there, their tractor beam couldn’t reach through it either without destabilizing. Working with the Chief Engineering Officer on different ideas they finally were able to come up with a possible solution. Though this could only be tried once if it failed they wouldn’t be able to save the Klingon ship. The Captain agreed to try the plan. They were able to magnify the tractor beam and stabilize it using the deflector as a way to penetrate the nebula, after a few tense moments they were successful in rescuing the Klingon ship. They were able to restore their power and they were on their way, thanking the Federation ship for their assistance.

Because of her quick thinking, she was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant and was put in for reassignment to the USS Inverness. Though at the age of thirty-seven, she got a word right before her assignment that her father had died from a heart condition that went unnoticed, he was only 55 years old when he died. She requested a short leave to attend her father’s funeral. She was granted the leave and she headed for Trill once again to be with her family during this time. She also learned that Deju was now a doctor at their local hospital just like her mother was, who had since retired.

USS Inverness (2305 – 2318)

After her short leave, she was assigned to the USS Inverness an Excelsior-class Starship as Science Officer. They received a distress call from a freighter near Romulan Space, they seemed to be under attack by a Romulan cruizer. They responded which, a Romulan ship had crossed over into Federation space and was firing upon a Federation freighter. Giving them the warning to return to Romulan space as they were in violation, the warnings went unanswered and the Romulan ship started to fire upon the Inverness.  The Inverness returned fire and was able to disable them but not destroy them. They eventually returned to Romulan space, the Inverness sustained damage but was able to rescue the crew of the freighter and hobble away before the freighter exploded due to a warp core breach that couldn’t be stopped. They were able to repair the ship and get back on their way.

Over the next few years, they had a few more run-ins with the Romulans, but they seem to quickly withdrawal as it seems they were testing their boundaries. In 2312, at the age of forty-three Sasri was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander and was given the added role of First Officer along with her Science Officer position. The USS Inverness was assigned near the Gorn Hegemony, they came across a planet that was close that showed very little life but rich in plants, and other materials that could be studied. They decided to send a science team to the surface to study it further with Sasri in command of the away team.

During that time a Gorn ship fired on the Inverness as a warning to get away from their space, just before they were able to beam the away team up, a group of Gorns beamed down and took the away team as prisoners. Sasri’s quick thinking and putting her life on the line to get her away team away got her injured during the struggle. Though they managed to get away and elude the Gorn, she was injured. Her team was able to stop the bleeding but would need medical care once they got back to the Inverness. They were finally rescued and Sasri would spend the next week in her quarters, resting so that way the doctors could keep an eye on her and the symbiont. She was eventually cleared for duty after the doctor was satisfied all was alright.

Sasri was promoted to the rank of Commander and would be reassigned to the USS Okinawa, who needed a Science Officer, she would double as First Officer as well.

USS Okinawa (2318 – 2333)

Her next assignment was to the USS Okinawa an Excelsior-Refit class starship, The first few years were exploration missions, a few skirmishes between the Romulans and the Klingons. It wasn’t until 2320 when the Okinawa was patrolling the Romulan Neutral Zone when a cloaked Romulan warbird decloaked and opened fire on the Okinawa, this caught the crew off guard and started to return fire while it tried to hail them to no avail. During the fight, the Captain was killed as an explosion took place on the bridge sending him flying. Sasri took command and she was able to fire at the Romulan ship disabling their weapons, but not before the ship sustained heavy damage. There were many reported casualties. But the Romulan ship withdrew, this left the Okinawa in need of a tow back to Earth for repair.

While the ship was being repaired, she had been called back to Starfleet Command for a debriefing of what had happened. After recalling everything that had taken place during the unprovoked attack. Sasri was promoted to the rank of Captain and given command of the Okinawa at the age of fifty-one years old. While the ship underwent repair which would take a week or two to finish, she learned that her mother had passed away from natural causes at the age of seventy-five years old. She went back to Trill to attend her mother’s funeral and to see her brother for the first time in years.

After her time on Trill, she returned to Earth where Okinawa was being repaired and ready to leave drydock. The surviving crew stayed, while the new crew was reassigned to the ship. She would spend the next nine years as Captain of the Okinawa, they had a few scientific missions, some skirmishes happen but nothing major like what had happened to the ship before she took command, at the age of sixty-five she decided as her health was starting to get worse, as she had the same heart condition her father had but was able to get noticed and under control.

Later Years

In 2333, Sasri retired from Starfleet as a decorated member of Starfleet thinking of others before herself and risking her life for her crew. She returned to Trill to spend the remaining years she had left with her brother who took care of her. In 2338, at the age of seventy, her heart began to fail and the decision was made to find a new host for the Dex symbiont. Kiram Prehl was chosen by the Commission to become joined with the Dex Symbiont. Kiram was a bright young man, who reminded her much of herself when she was that age.

Once the procedure was complete and Kiram become Kiram Dex, Sasri was surrounded by her brother and Kiram and passed away peacefully living a full life. Kiram had inherited not only Sasri’s memories, experiences, emotions but also that of the first host Irjil.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2286 - 2292 Science Major Trill Science Ministry
2292 - 2293 Freshman Cadet; Science Starfleet Academy
Freshman Cadet
2293 - 2294 Sophomore Cadet; Science Starfleet Academy
Sophomore Cadet
2294 - 2295 Junior Cadet; Science Starfleet Academy
Junior Cadet
2295 - 2296 Senior Cadet; Science Starfleet Academy
Senior Cadet
2296 - 2300 Science Officer USS Exeter
2300 - 2305 Science Officer USS Exeter
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2305 - 2312 Science Officer USS Inverness
2312 - 2318 Science Officer/First Officer USS Inverness
Lieutenant Commander
2318 - 2320 Science Officer/First Officer USS Okinawa
2320 - 2333 Commanding Officer USS Okinawa
2333 - 2338 Retired Trill Homeworld