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Profile Overview

Jess Layton

Human Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Layton




Jessica Marie Layton



A shy Black woman in Medical on Roosevelt Station.


Jessica was the only daughter to Jacob and Alessa Layton. Her father was Starfleet, but a devoted parent to his infant daughter and his wife. They had a good life together. She was a good student, and passed through Starfleet Academy very easily.

Until the attack on Mars.

Jessica–Jess, to the few, dear friends she had–was in medical school when it happened. Her mother was working with the synths that day; Jacob, retired, lived close enough to almost get there on foot.

He didn’t, despite wanting to; Alessa was his world now that Jessica was living on her own.

Jess never forgave him for not even trying to get to her mother.

She calls him on his birthday every year. Otherwise, she forgets he exists.

Since then, she’s had a few lovers but no real interest in marrying or having children, and focused almost wholly on her career.