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Profile Overview

Janet Ashby

Human Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Cadet Senior Grade Ashby




Janet Marie Ashby born March 2374, on the colony of Melona. It wasn’t long however until the colony itself was destroyed by aCrystalline Entity in 2376. Resulting both Janet’s parents, Gerald and Hyacinth Ashby, deaths and Janet’s subsequent orphaning. If it wasn’t for an old family friend Janet herself might have ended up with her parents in death.

After the Starfleet evacuation and relocation to the nearby colony of Diastolic VI, a newly established border world. Janet was placed into an orphanage, and a few weeks later a foster family adopted her. Janet only two years old at the time had no idea what all of this meant. Continuing to wonder where her parents where, having no concept of death at this time.

As the years passed Janet’s foster parents enrolled her in school. Well, what could be passed for school on Diastolic VI. There wasn’t that many children in the settlement where Janet was located, about twenty in total. Ranging from six years old to thirteen. It left little room in the way of making friends and was extremely frustrating for a young child.

Being a small child also left Janet open to bulling from the older children. This was where we anti social attitude started to take hold. Not socializing with any of the other children during her school days she put her head in the books the teacher assigned. Janet’s foster parents seeing their adopted daughter withdraw from society opted for a change in scenery for their child. However, this change in scenery only made things worse as Janet’s parents sent her off world to live with her foster grandparents back on Mars.

Life on Mars wasn’t all it was cracked up to be for Janet. The fast pace of being on a core world of the Federation in the big city bustle didn’t do much to take away any social anxiety that she had. Taking more to her recluse lifestyle she kept her head buried in books.

As the years passed by, Janet graduated from secondary school. She had a particular interest in late twentieth century flying machines called aeroplanes. From jetliners to single seat piston pounders Janet spent hours alone in the holodeck practicing her flying skills. This was when it was suggested to her that she put her skills to practical use by joining Starfleet’s flight control program. Janet intrigued by the idea set out to learn more about the courses involved.