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Jeera Zame

Cardassian/Bajoran Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Junior Grade Jeera




Jeera Zame



Born June 15, 2359 on Bajor in Bajoran Resistance fighter camp during Occupation. Entered Bajoran Institute of Science in 2375 and graduated with Planetary Sciences bachelors degrees in 2390. Entered Starfleet Academy in 2391 and graduated with Planetary Science masters degrees in 2397. Became a Planetary Scientist with Starfleet Science and an Instructor of Planetary Science at Starfleet Academy in 2397 and staying at those posts until 2399. Obtained a Doctorate in Planetary Sciences at Starfleet Academy in 2399. Given a new assignment as Head of Planetary Sciences at Guardian Station in 2399.


Life on Bajor
Born on Bajor on June 15, 2359 to a Bajoran mother and Cardassian father. Her mother was a Resistance fighter, who was captured injured by the man who was to become her father, a Cardassian Union military member who eventually joined the dissident movement. She was raised by her mother’s family, when her mother and father weren’t available, during the Occupation. Her family and her did what was needed to get by and have as normal a life as possible. As soon as she was old enough to understand and strong enough to hold a weapon, she was taught basic self defense and how to shoot. As she got older, she was allowed raids for food and supplies using her half Cardassian heritage to benefit the camp she lived in.

Early Life and Schooling
She was an only child and mostly left alone, other children in the resistance camp wouldn’t play with her because of her mixed blood, so she read books she could get hold of and went to religious services. She was more or less home schooled until the liberation of Bajor in 2369, when she went to a Bajoran public school and rose quickly to the top of the class. She worked hard and was quite smart for her age, excelling in most subjects in school, especially sciences and history, and even finished her schooling early as Valedictorian of the class of 2375.

Later Life
She was easily accepted into the Bajoran Institute of Science at age 16 (2375) to follow her passion for the sciences. After a bit of bouncing around the areas of science study, she finally decided on the planetary sciences. Things like geography, geology, natural disasters, and weather fascinated and intrigued her. She eventually earned a Bachelors level degree in the Physical Sciences but she also took courses in History, Mythology, Linguistics, Philosophy, and many others by the end of 2390. She even got to join some of her physical science professors on their research studies, trips, and sabbaticals as an assistant during her schooling, which is why it took for so long to graduate.

Starfleet Life
She decided to join Starfleet Academy and was easily accepted in 2391. She exceeded in her studies there, though did have some minor issues with getting along with others due to her solitary nature and upbringing. With some extra help and classes related to being in groups and dealing with other people, she soon thrived at the Academy and in Starfleet. As her courses got harder, she continued to excel and earned herself research assistant positions on a handful of studies and trips including that of two of her professors, Dr. T’Reika and Dr. Ch’zovok. They even offered her an intern job on a joint project they were working on. She graduated with a Masters level degree in the Planetary Sciences by 2397. She was assigned to Starfleet Sciences in their Planetary Sciences Department and to teach at the Academy on Earth after graduation. She also obtained her Doctorate in the Planetary Sciences at Starfleet Academy part-time by 2399.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2375 - 2391 Cadet Bajoran Institute of Science
2391 - 2397 Cadet/Ensign Starfleet Academy
2397 - 2399 Ensign/LTjg, Planetary Scientist Starfleet Science
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2397 - 2399 Ensign/LTjg, Planetary Science Instructor Starfleet Academy
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2399 - Present LTjg, Head of Planetary Sciences Guardian Station
Lieutenant Junior Grade