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Abrum Micca

Betazoid Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Commander Micca




The Chief Engineering Officer aboard the USS Cygnus, he is married to the vessels XO, Commander Maxwell Stafford. He previously served as a Lead Designer at the Advanced Starship Design Bureau on Earth before returning to the fleet as the Chief Engineer of the USS James Lovell prior to his current posting.


Father Deputy Administrator Joli Micca – Betazoid Foreign Trade Administration
Mother Captain Poarina Micca, Starfleet Retired
2352 – Born in Rixx, Betazed

2370-2374 Engineering Cadet Starfleet Academy

2374-2376 Engineering Officer Generalist USS Montreal (Intrepid-class)

Lieutenant JG
2376-2380 Engineering Officer Structural USS Sejong (Nebula-class)
2380-2382 Structural Engineering – Division Lead USS Sejong (Nebula-class)

2382-2384 Assistance Chief Engineering Officer USS Sejong (Nebula-class)
2384-2385 Designer, Andromeda Development Project Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards
2385-2387 Chief Engineering Officer USS Bismarck (Prometheus-class)

Lieutenant Commander
2387-2392 Chief Engineering Officer USS Endeavour (Nebula-class)
2392-2395 Chief Engineering Officer Starbase #
2395-2397 Lead Designer Advanced Starship Design Bureau, Earth
2397-2399 Chief Engineering Officer USS James Lovell (Diligent-class)
2399 – Pres Chief Engineering Officer USS Cygnus (Nebula-class)