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Profile Overview

Max Adaestron

Betazoid Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Ensign Adaestron


Machwen was born on Betazed in 2360, to Iliam and Meshala Adaestron, where he had a sister and a brother, Bijin and Kestav, respectively. A couple of years, his parents had another son, Poloch, and decided that four children was enough. When he was two years old, Machwen’s parents decided to arrange his marriage to the daughter of some family friends, Umes. Machwen and Umes had never met. However, they never managed to meet, as Umes’s parents were stationed on the USS Bellerophon, which was destroyed in the Battle of Worf 359 in 2267, with Umes and both of her parents all dying. With all other potential marriage candidates already paired, Machwen’s parents decided to let him decide who he wanted to marry when he grew up.

When Machwen was in school on Betazed, he was good at intellectual subjects, and he was particularly good, and also interested in, biology. He continued to study it, and, at the encouragement of his biology teacher, pursued an education in medicine, which he became instantly fascinated by. Machwen was interested in the different physiologies of all of the different species in the Federation, even buying a copy of Leonard McCoy’s “Comparative Alien Physiology” for himself when he was still in school.

When Machwen reached about 14, he started to develop his psionic abilities. This was the toughest period of Machwen’s life, as he initially struggled at keeping his thoughts and emotions to himself, although he had managed to take a hold of it by the time he was 16. At this time, Machwen and his family managed to escape the Dominion by fleeing to Vulcan, where he continued his education.

After finishing school on Vulcan, Machwen travelled to Earth to study medicine. Whilst there, he learned some Kingon, in the hope that it would help him get into Starfleet Academy. Machwen also took this opportunity to become fitter in preparation for Starfleet, by playing velocity, and also doing archery. He also liked to run and do weights occasionally. His hard work in both medicine and Vulcan, as well as his fitness training, paid off, as he managed to get into Starfleet Academy on his first attempt. He trained as a medical officer, and at the age of 26 he was stationed on the USS Traveller, an Intrepid-class starship intended to explore areas that the federation knew little about.

In 2237, the USS Traveller was attacked by the Dominion. After battling for two hours, the ship succumbed to the larger Dominion vessel. Machwen, and the other medical officers, were split up across the various escape pods. Around 70% of the crew survived, and rendezvoused on an M-class planet, where their distress signal was picked up by a Federation starship, and they were rescued. After spending some time in a Starfleet hospital on Earth, Machwen has been reassigned to the USS Pandora.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2236 - 2237 Junior Medical Officer USS Traveller
2237 - 2238 Doctor Earth hospital