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Cairn Female

Character Description

In her youth, Seras was part of a foreign exchange program to help the Cairn adjust to verbal communication as well as Terran culture. She was hosted by a family in Montana where she learned about school and verbal socializing. She improved her vocabulary and interactive skills dramatically through the program and developed a deep love of her host family. While in Montana, her ‘family’ sparked her interest in bow hunting and eventually an interest in Starfleet. They took her to San Francisco to see Starfleet Academy and it was then she decided that this was something she wanted to do. After returning to the Cairn home world, she shared her experiences and helped to improve her culture’s ability to communicate with outsiders. When she was old enough to join Starfleet, she left her home world and never looked back. To date, she’s the only Cairn to join Starfleet and been able to adapt and graduate to become an officer.

Since graduating from the Academy, Seras has spent most of her years of service on the USS Avalon, a Nebula-class starship. At first her career was unremarkable; she was a solid worker but was having trouble fitting in socially. Once she found her feet, she became outgoing and even assertive. She started out in the Cargo Bays, keeping stock of ship supplies and maintaining the Cargo Bay transporters. She proved to be a skilled technician and was later assigned to man the primary transporters on a regular basis. By 2386, her department head came to the realization that her skills were being severely under-utilized; the Operations Assistant Chief left the Avalon for better opportunities, and Seras ended picking up the slack in work from his departure. Though young, she had a meticulous attention to detail and was rising to the challenge of this void in the department. The Operations Chief took a chance on her and recommended Seras for a promotion, and since then she continued to serve as the Avalon’s Assistant Chief of Operation until 2388 when she was transferred to the USS Arizona.

Character Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2379 - 2383 Starfleet Cadet Starfleet Academt
Cadet Senior Grade
2383 - 2386 Quartermaster/Transporter specialist USS Avalon
2386 - 2388 Assistant Chief of Operations USS Avalon
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2388 - Present Assistant Chief of Operations USS Arizona
Lieutenant Junior Grade

Character Summary

Seras packs a lot of punch despite her small stature. She keeps in shape through vigorous exercise and archery and is not afraid to tell you what she thinks. She has long blond hair which she typically wears in a ponytail, slate grey eyes, and her features are fine and delicate. She has the cranial protrusions above her ears as characteristic of her race and speaks through the use of a vocal synthesizer implant which has a noticeable synthetic undertone to it. Seras has a vivid and outspoken personality with a love for life. She's straightforward about her opinions, often bordering on blunt, and she loves her work. She can be something of a work-aholic, but she just can't stand being idle. Dedicated and loyal, there just about nothing she wouldn't do for a friend.

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