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Profile Overview

Dimitri Koslev

Human Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Civilian Koslev



Played By

Kroz (ID: 56)


Dimitri is on oldtimer, retired Starfleet Engineer, with White/graying hair, beard, and mustache. Wrinkles on face show his age. Yet his broad shoulders and solid upper body strength is an example for young men to follow.

He speaks with a thick Russian/Ukrainian accent.


Even though Dimitri was born in space aboard the freighter SS Vladimir, that his parents owned, they were very proud of their Ukrainian heritage on Earth. He was raised aboard the freighter with his 2 brothers and 2 sisters. It was hard, but the 5 of them found joy in the little things in life that came to them. Only on rare occasions would they go planet-side. So, Dimitri has a slight problem spending time planet side out in the large open sky. Even when aboard a large space station like a stardock with the large interior bio-dome, he feels uncomfortable. He would use the word, ‘unnatural’ to describe it.

Following the 43 years of service to Starfleet and 41 years of marriage to the sweetheart of his youth, Dimitri retired. He and his wife, Sophia, settled on the Sibley Colony, a civilian support colony on the desolate surface of a massive asteroid. The enclosed space domes of the facility provided a more comforting feeling to Dimitri than the open skies of any M Class planet. They believed that this was a good compromise and a nice place for their twilight years and a convenient location to bring the grandkids.

Unfortunately, tragedy struck only a few months after retirement. On a pleasure cruise an accident occurred and Sophia died in her sleep due to a slow loss of pressure in their cabin. Dimitri blames himself for not being there with her. Dimitri had run into an old friend and went to have drinks while Sophia went to take a nap. He was reassured many times that he could have not prevented the accident from occurring, but Dimitri believed that if he had been there, he would have woken up and gotten her out of the room in time.

Following the death of his wife, Dimitri became angry, bitter, and restless. He visited the homes of his children for a time, traveling from one to the next. But each time he found too many memories of their Mother. His heart ached. After a time Dimitri began to travel the stars in search of life’s mystery. He worked his way from port to port, running into old friends and making new ones, but always ending up lonely . . . and with a bottle.


USS Constantine
Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards
USS Watkins
Deep Space Five
USS Einstein
Oakland Fleet Yards
USS Chesapeake
USS Hope
– Retired