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Human Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Kramer



Played By

Kroz (ID: 56)


Short and stocky would be the best description of Vincent Kramer. Needless to say that he is physically fit and has wide shoulders and a narrow waist. His short brown hair goes well with his brown eyes and smooth medium caucasian completion. Strong facial features make him very appealing, especially the ladies he meets.


Vincent Nathaniel Kramer (Vince to his family and friends)

Kramer grew up in New York City, just 4 blocks from Central Park.

He is the youngest of 4 brothers. His parents believed strongly in musical talent and excellence. Each member of the family was expected to be able to play diverse instruments. Vincent received classic instruction as a boy on the violin, piano, and harp. Though he could play well, it was too “mechanical” for his father. His father said, “He just doesn’t have the heart for it.”

As a boy on different occasions he was found disassembling household electronics and reassembling them. For many years his father ignored this waste of time and put up with this “silly hobby”.

Each brother had gone on to professions and artistic endeavors. Vince didn’t fit that mold. He was more of a tech geek. From a very young age he read constantly; mostly science periodicals and about mechanical things. He was involved with robotics as a youth, but it wasn’t his passion. The robotics Team Coach saw something in him and suggested that he look into attending Starfleet Academy.

In addition to applying to Harvard University School of Music in Cambridge, Vincent Kramer also applied to Starfleet Academy, but not with the blessings of his father. His father thought there were more important things than to “be jumping about the stars”.

Kramer was accepted to Starfleet Academy. At the Academy he did well for himself. He had some friends, but no close friendships. His free time was mostly spent in the library, or at a computer working on different ideas that came to him. He would come up with the wildest ideas and then put down and draw out the idea. But it was soon unfinished and filed away. He loved to read old technical manual and science periodicals. From time to time he would submit ideas to improve a system, but he never sent his name along with it.

Kramer completed Starfleet Academy as an Engineer with the Class of 2384.

His first posting out of the Academy was a menial task of monitoring storage and cargo transport systems on a minor space station in Jupiter Orbit. Monitoring transportation systems was his job, but his joy at that time was designing a miniature warp drive system. He dreamed of getting his hands on a real star-drive engine and helping make it work. He continued doing menial tasks as a young officer. He didn’t mind too much for it gave him time to work on his ideas.

In 2387, a researcher and developer at Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards came across a technical upgrade recommendation for one of his power systems. The theory was mind boggling, but it wasn’t signed. He did some checking into who had created this information. What he found didn’t make sense. The recommendation had been tracked back to a 2nd year student at the Academy by the name of V. Kramer. He couldn’t believe that this Cadet had proposed this state of the art upgrade schematic by himself. The ideas were astounding. He found many recommendations sent to researchers at Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards and other ship yards. This Kramer was a genius, but didn’t know it or didn’t care.

The researcher tracked down and found Kramer assigned to the USS Morgan. After 3 years Kramer was still an Ensign doing mundane tasks on a small surveyor ship. He was assigned to monitor power regulating systems. The researcher pulled some strings and had him recommended to the USS Venture, a Galaxy Class Starship. With a little convincing by the researcher, the 1st Officer placed Kramer as an Engineer in Main Engineering. Kramer became more encouraged and began to share his ideas.

Two years later, Kramer received a promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade while serving aboard the USS Elysium, an Odyssey Class Starship. He was then given the position of Assistant Chief of Engineering. At the end of their 2 year mission, the Elysium returned to Deep Space 5 for refit.

Lt.(JG) Kramer was reassigned to the Deep Space 5, a Celestial Class Starbase, as Assistant Chief of Engineering, where he made good use of his time, learning first-hand about the massive power systems. He served there for a good portion of a year.

Lt. Kramer was requested and transferred to the USS Arcadia, an Odyssey Class Vessel, where he served for the next year as Asst. Chief of Engineering. During his service there he was promoted to full Lieutenant.

With significant experience and now a full Lieutenant, Vincent Kramer was reassigned to the USS Triumphant as their Chief Engineer.


2380-2381: Starfleet Academy – Year I, General Studies
2381-2382: Starfleet Academy – Year II, Technology studies
—— 2382: USS Marshall – Junior Cadet Cruise
2382-2383: Starfleet Academy – Year III, Engineering Syst.
—— 2383: USS Einstein – Senior Cadet Cruise,
——————————-Personal Assistant to Chief Engineer
2383-2384: Starfleet Academy – Year IV, Engineering

2384 Graduate Starfleet Academy

2384-2385 Jupiter Supply Station Al Erez
Asst. to the Asst. Transporter Chief
A very mundane position.

2385-2387 USS Morgan
Drake Class Starship – Surveyor
Engineer – Power Conduit Maintenance (small ship)

2387-2388 USS Venture
Galaxy Class Starship
Engineer – Main Engineering

2388-2390 USS Elysium
Odyssey Class Starship
Asst. Chief of Engineering

2390-2391 Deep Space 5
Celestial Class Starbase
Asst. Chief of Engineering

2391-2392 USS Arcadia
Odyssey Class Starship
Asst. Chief of Engineering

2392-           USS Triumphant
Odyssey Class Starship
Chief of Engineering