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Profile Overview

Jalen Young

Human Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Junior Grade Young




Jalen Oscar Young



Jalen a Security Officer on the USS Excalibur.


Early Life (2233-2251)

Jalen was born prematurely on April 2, 2233, during an attack on Barsia Prime by unknown forces, later determined to be the newly discovered Tzenkethi. The attack forced Doctors to deliver Jalen early when his mother, Gina, was injured in the attack. While his mother would fully recover from her injuries, Jalen would not be so lucky. Due to his underdeveloped state, he was both blind and deaf, and it was a long process though his childhood to correct his hearing and vision. Jalen’s father Evan resigned from Starfleet almost immediately following the news of his birth and the attack on Barisa Prime, and his life became focused on making sure his son’s conditions were cured.

The issues with Jalen’s hearing were reasonably easy if time-consuming to correct. Using a combination of techniques to stimulate natural growth and implants, his aural faculties were near normal by the age of five. Jalen’s vision, however, would require a more rigorous regime of treatment to resolve. The procedures to stimulate the growth of Jalen’s optic nerves were lengthy and painful. With each treatment, his resentment for what the Tzenkethi had caused would grow. It would take a decade for him to have near-normal sight though he must take Retinax boosters every six months to avoid extreme near-sightedness.

His teenage years would be mostly uneventful as the number of doctor visits diminished. Jalen joined the track and field team in middle school and would remain on the team through High School. His favorite track and field activities were pole vaulting, hurdles, and high jump, and perhaps un-coincidently, he performed best in those categories as well. During his final championship in High School, he would claim first place in all three.

Starfleet Academy (2251-2255)

There was some minor concern Jalen might not be accepted into the Academy following his less than stellar High School marks when he was initially waitlisted. However, he was offered a spot at the Academy on Vulcan rather than San Francisco, which he accepted. Unsurprisingly, Jalen was woefully unprepared for life on Vulcan. He joined the track and field team, but with the climate on Vulcan, he found himself unable to compete at first. During Freshman year he found his Vulcan classmates to be standoffish and detached, but over time he was able to develop close personal bonds with several of them.

Overall, he enjoyed his time on Vulcan, and he came to appreciate the people in a way he hadn’t previously. He even dated a Vulcan for several months in his Junior year, though he was pretty sure it was more of a research study for the Vulcan. They parted amicably, but that was common for Jalen. He wasn’t much for grudges unless you happened to be Tzenkethi.

USS Shran NCC-1413 (2255-2256)

In 2255, after graduation, Jalen found himself posted to the USS Shran as Security Officer. The small Magee class ship was a big change for the Barsian. In reality, he was only one of only two officers in the tiny security department.

USS Excalibur NCC-1664(2256-Present)

In early 2256 Jalen was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade and transferred to the much larger USS Excalibur as a Security Officer.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2256 - Present Security Officer USS Excalibur
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2255 - 2256 Security Officer USS Shran
2254 - 2255 Security Studies Cadet Starfleet Academy, Vulcan Campus
Cadet - Senior
2253 - 2254 Security Studies Cadet Starfleet Academy, Vulcan Campus
Cadet - Junior
2252 - 2253 Security Studies Cadet Starfleet Academy, Vulcan Campus
Cadet - Sophomore
2251 - 2252 General Studies Cadet Starfleet Academy, Vulcan Campus
Cadet - Freshman