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Profile Overview


Andorian Zhen

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Junior Grade Zh'Zihl




Nalith is tall and lithe, and moves with a gentle grace. Zhe keeps her hair relatively short, and doesn’t have any identifying marks, tattoos, or piercings that show when zhe is in uniform. When her arms are bare, however, a series of tattoos can be seen. Those with knowledge of cartography can tell that it is a geographical map of some area in a dark blue that only barely shows on the blue of her skin.


Nalith was born on Andoria, in the city of Tek’shal in the northern polar region of the moon. Zhe grew up with a large family, her parents were a mix of two Starfleet officers, a doctor at the local hospital, and a civil engineer. Zhe was in the middle of her siblings, age wise, and often felt lost in the shuffle. When zhe graduated from primary education, zhe spent a year travelling the Federation trying to find herself. During this year of travel, zhe fell in love with maps and how to make them. It was her first great love, though one soon to be eclipsed by medicine in her ambitions. Towards the end of her travels one of her companions, a Bolian named Zerric, had an accident. Nothing zhe did seemed to help, and zhe watched her friend bleed out on the rocks of an outback region on Bajor. Zhe never wanted to feel that helpless again, and soon decided to devote herself to medicine and becoming a doctor. In the academy zhe met a group of traceurs who zhe fell in with and became fast and lifelong friends. Through them zhe learned the art of escape, Parkour, and could often be found spending her free time with them either in a holodeck or in San Francisco running over rooftops.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
Freshman Cadet Starfleet Academy - Medical
Sophomore Cadet Starfleet Academy - Medical
Junior Cadet Starfleet Academy - Medical
Senior Cadet Starfleet Academy - Medical
Medical Officer - Residency Deep Space 1
Medical Officer USS Enterprise
Assistant Chief Medical Officer USS Chimera
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Chief Medical Officer USS Repulse
Lieutenant Junior Grade