Profile Overview

Grav Solv

Tellarite Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Junior Grade Solv




Father: Mortat
Mother: Gramara
Brothers: Bratmor, Sular
Sisters: Jarlat
Other Family: Bavar Brol older brother of Gramara and Captain of the Nalmat a freighter of Tellarite design.

General overview: Grav is a dedicated officer who expects the best of himself and those he works with. He is plane spoken and has ho qualms about speaking his mind and has no time for those who do not do so themselves.

Strengths & Weaknesses: He likes to keep his personal quarters warmer than what would be normal for many humanoids as he finds the rest of the ship cold. He has a keen mind and can quickly learn new information.

To travel the stars and to see new places.

Hobbies & Interests:
Astronomy and constructing Telescopes.


Personal History:
Grav Solv was born in 2371 and spent his child hood years in the small resort town of Strval where his parents ran a mud bath house. During this time his uncle Bavar would visit telling the young Grav of the alien planets he had visited as the Captain of a freighter. Grav spent many nights looking at the stars dreaming of those far off world and dreamed of visiting them himself.

These stargazing sessions led to an interest in astronomy leading him to eventually acquire a telescope to get a closer look at the stars. The telescope was not powerful enough to see planets orbiting other stars it did let him see the other planets in the Tellar system. He soon began tinkering with the telescope making what improvements he could and when he was unsatisfied with the results he started building a new telescope. This new telescope was never powerful enough to see beyond the Tellar system it was a great improvement over his old telescope. This project would lead to a life long interest in building telescopes.

This dream lead Grav to approach is Uncle at the age of ten (2381) to convince Bavar to allow Grav to join him on the Nalmat. While Barvar was easy to convince Grav found that his parents where not impressed with the idea. They preferred that he stay and help with the mud bath house. Eventually after months of constant arguing with them Grav got his parents to agree to one trip. At the age of 12 (2383) he departed Tellar Prime for the first time.

He spent the next four years as the lowest ranked member of a crew of four doing the jobs on the ship no one else wanted to do. He found a knack for taking care of the ship’s systems and Ralmar the ship’s mechanic took it upon himself to drill every bit of engineering knowledge he had into Grav’s head.

In 2384 the Nalmat made a stop over at Starbase 401. He was intrigued by the Starfleet ships and the notion he could travel farther an old freighter would ever go, even possibly to worlds on one had seen before.

In 2385 the one trip on the freighter his parents agreed to came to an end and Grav returned home but he would not remain there long. In 2386 he submitted his application to Starfleet Academy and was accepted. In 2387 at the age of sixteen he traveled to Earth and began his studies a Starfleet Academy. It should be noted that he did not tell anyone of his acceptance into the Academy until he was half way to Earth.

Service History

Grav entered Starfleet Academy in 2387. After his experiences on the Nalmat he decided to concentrate his studies on engineering and ship systems. In 2390 he was posted to the Jupiter NCC-71123 (Galaxy Class) for a training cruise. During this cruse the ship was tasked with mapping a class T stellar cluster.

In 2391 Grav graduated from the Academy with the rank of ensign and assigned to the USS Cordova NCC-65001 (Norway Class) he was assigned to the engineering department. His first task on the Cordova was maintenance of the ships replicator systems. In 2395 he received a promotion to Lt. jg and given the Assistant Chief Engineer position.

In 2399 Grav was transferred to the USS Repulse NCC-2544 (Excelsior Class) as the ships Chief Engineer

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2391 - 2395 Engineering Officer the USS Cordova NCC-65001
2395 - 2399 Assistant Chief Engineer the USS Cordova NCC-65001
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2399 - Present Chief Engineering Officer USS Repulse NCC-2544
Lieutenant Junior Grade