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Ferengi Male

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Surprisingly, Smeezo only really cares about profit. He will do anything it takes to make a profit. He will deal with anyone who he can exploit for profit. He never takes a deal unless he can double his money. Smeezo recently did one of his deals and ended up with the Profit Center.


meezo was born in 2369 on Feringinar. His Naming Day occurred when he was ten years old. By the time he was sixteen, he had bought and sold multiple enterprises on Feringinar. Soon after he went through the Ferengi Attainment Ceremony.

Smeezo apprenticed with Gigisax onboard the Ferengi Trade Ship Fast Money. He proved himself by making deals. This increased his share of the profits. Smeezo was with Gigsax for five years. His profits allowed him to buy shares in other enterprises.

By the time he was thirty, Smeezo owned a casino in Stardust City, the Violet Cloud Casino. A Klingon Captain, Gkata, lost his ship, the IKS ghoptu Hegh, a KVort class ship, to Smeezo in a game of Tongo. Smeezo offered members of Gkata’s crew the option to stay on board as his employees or disembark and try to earn their way off of FreeCloud. Smeezo promptly renamed the ship to the Tongo’s Prize. Smeezo attempted to operate the ship as a freighter. This venture was unsuccessful. Between the Klingon crew who mostly wanted to go to battle, and there is no profit in battle unless you’re selling the guns, and when they encountered other Klingon ships, they wanted to do battle with the Tongo’s Prize because well they considered it dishonorable for a Ferengi to be a captain on a Klingon ship. Needless to say, Smeeze returned to Stardust City with Tongo’s Prize, renamed back to the original IKS ghoptu Hegh.  He arranged to sell the ship to a local business concern known as ‘The Family’.

Smeezo liked the concept of operating a trade ship, but also realized that he needed to have a less aggressive sort of ship. He needed a ship that could transport trade goods, but also that could defend itself. His search for the right ship continues.