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Barzan Male

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Commander Bhavsar


A proud, serious and sceptical man, Bhavsar is an honest and direct man that believes in the courage and potential of his people. He is hard to like and he is equally as slow to like others, but he nevertheless harbours a deep integrity and compassion that is artfully concealed behind his mean exterior. Nationalistic and family-orientated, there is little Bhavsar would not do to protect his people – beyond betraying his personal principles by harming others needlessly.


Early Life

Born in 2340 aboard a basic Barzan cargo freighter, Bhavsar was the second of two boys, both of which spent the earliest years of their lives travelling from one destination to the next on the decades-old cargo freighter their father served as chief engineer on. Eventually, when it was becoming apparent that their tutelage was suffering from the lack of clear direction, their mother took them back to the Barzan homeworld, where she began a teaching career.

Both boys flourished and both became fascinated with their father’s work. Whilst space travel was a less frequent fancy for the Barzans, being technologically behind many of their galactic peers, Bhavsar always longed for the days where he could join his father on his excursions, although both parents tried to instil a love of his own planet into him.

During his teen years, Bhavsar joined the Youth Legislator Programme, a new scheme aimed at targeting the best and brightest of Barzan’s youngest generation to see if they could find worthy occupations serving the government, during a time of great expected expansion for their people. Bhavsar became a gifted engineer, so when he graduated, rather than entering the possible avenue of politics, he became an Engineering Co-Ordinator for the government’s fledgling space force, responsible for the construction and maintenance of the world’s growing fleet of vessels, exploratory and scientific.

Discovery of the Wormhole

Ascending through the quasi-military/civilian ranks with relative speed, Bhavsar was soon in an overseer’s role, laying the keels for vessels far in advance of anything they had enjoyed before. When this caught the attention of other nearby species, Bhavsar was initially enthused, thinking this a fine time for the Barzans to properly enter the galactic stage. As a Journeyman shortly thereafter, he was thrilled to be involved in the operations regarding the newly-discovered wormhole, and he became one of the specialist advisors to the Premier’s team during the subsequent examination and auction to wider powers. Even then, recognising the way the other countries treated his world, Bhavsar was disdainful towards his planet’s supposed need to approach outsiders, and he quickly developed the view that, whilst it would take longer, the Barzans could have taken control of the wormhole and made it a more tradeable resource or commodity. Unfortunately, he was largely overlooked for his comments at the time, and the realisation of the wormhole’s unstable end terminus concluded that period of history.

This dismay towards other governments and factions remained prevalent in the ensuing years, especially as several Borg incursions threatened the wider galaxy and the Dominion War broke out. Bhavsar somewhat took the view that others, the Federation in particular, had abandoned his people when they no longer had anything to offer, and he grew outspoken in his criticisms. Whilst this never manifested as any sort of racism or genuine vitriol, he argued vehemently for a patient approach to his world’s development, free from outside influence.

Patiently and more slowly climbing the ranks within his planet’s institutions, Bhavsar always remained fascinated with the wormhole and its changing properties. As he went on to command engineering detachments both on board vessels and on his own world, he spearheaded programmes into the exploration and modernisation of his home solar system’s equipment and technology, eventually rising to directorship levels in the Astrophysics Directorate.

Restoration of the Wormhole and the Federation

When newfound research and endeavours sought to reclaim the wormhole and bring it to heel, largely courtesy of the Federation and their renewed interest in exploring the Delta Quadrant, Bhavsar once again argued against joining with the UFP and Starfleet, insisting the programme should be managed independently, being a fine opportunity for Barzan to either chart its own course, or make great profit from the worlds keen to exploit their resources.

He brought these arguments to the table as one of the representatives during the negotiations for Barzan to join the UFP, and whilst he ultimately lost the argument, he was satisfied that he had, at least, been heard on this occasion. When construction on Deep Space 38 (eventually Starbase 38) began, overseen by the Barzans and the Federation’s Delta Exploration Initiative, Deputy Director Bhavsar remained closely involved in the Planetary Republic’s input, both diplomatically and technically, although he served at his government’s pleasure.

Finally, when the base was nearing conclusion, his government arranged for him to be deployed to the Starbase as the official Barzan Liaison to Starfleet, a military appointment reflective of his years of service to Barzan, technical expertise and also outspoken views on Starfleet involvement and conduct, being an office quite distinct from the local diplomatic and ambassadorial detachment.

Whilst he did not have the complete prerequisite training, and was somewhat confused and critical of the appointment itself, the impending admission of the Barzans into the Federation meant it was only suitable, given the role he would be performing, for Bhavsar to be commissioned provisionally as a Starfleet commander. Although he considered refusing the transfer into Starfleet so that he could continue his work with the Directorate, he ultimately saw the purpose and benefit behind the transfer; by occupying a position in the chain-of-command, and having a voice within the commanding levels of this interloping organisation, Commander Bhavsar recognised that he would be able to serve his ambitions and his people more suitably with the three-striped bar on his alien uniform.

Family Life

Throughout the years, Bhavsar also had a family of his own, having two sons and a daughter, all of which he enjoys a close relationship with. His daughter became a successful meteorologist on Barzan II, a vocation that she met her future husband through, and with whom she had her own son with, that Bhavsar is very fond of and makes every effort to see.

Barzan Service Record

2356 – Recruit, Youth Legislator Programme (Barzan II)
2359 – Graduate-Legislator, Youth Government Scheme (Barzan II)
2360 – Engineering Co-Ordinator 2nd Class, Barzan Planetary Republic (BPR) Space Service
2361 – Engineering Co-Ordinator 1st Class, BPR Space Service
2363 – Engineering Overseer, BPR Space Service
2365 – Engineering Journeyman, BPR Wormhole Programme Technical Advisor
2366 – Advisor to the Government, Barzan Wormhole Negotiations/Auction
2367 – Journeyman-Engineer 2nd Class, BPR Space Service
2370 – Journeyman-Engineer 1st Class, BPR Space Service
2376 – Second Executive Officer, BPR Space Service
2381 – Commander, BPR Space Service
2385 – Executive Officer, BPR Space Service
2388 – Assistant Deputy Director, Astrophysics Directorate, BPR Space Service
2391 – Deputy Director, Astrophysics Directorate, BPR Space Service
2395 – Representative to the Admissions Committee (UFP Entry), Barzan Planetary Republic
2397 – (Provisional) Starfleet Commander, Barzan Liaison to Starfleet (Command Divison), Deep Space/Starbase 38 (Barzan System)

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2397 - Present Barzan Liaison Officer & Officer of the Watch (3XO) Starbase 38, Barzan System