Profile Overview

Minnow Siobhan Raydor

Vulcan Female

Character Description

Minnow was born and raised in Barcelona, Spain after both of her parents got married. Her Mother a Spanish National and her Father a Vulcan, who was visiting at the time as a wine connoisseur. One afternoon they met in a Vineyard during a wine tasting event, which unknowingly changed their lives.

Residing in the mountains of Catalonia she enjoyed hiking with her Father and visiting the old forts that were used during the Napoleonic Wars. She was often mesmerized by the architecture of the forts and functions of which they were utilized, which also had the added bonus of being able to sample cakes or pastries from the museum cafes. She was especially fond of “Pain au chocolate” she did not like the pastries cold preferring they were warm instead.

“placeholder for the relationship with mother”

“placeholder for education”


Notes : Food, Forts/castles, Hill Climbing.

Teen years?? Nightclubs Maybe. Vist the alamo(Cooskinned hats)

Character Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
- Present PH PH

Character Summary

From a family of four, Minnow being the oldest of her parent's two children a Vulcan Father and a Human Mother. She is not like the other half Vulcans that have chosen to commit to the Vulcan way of life, she decided earlier in her life that she would follow the human path. Shy in nature but prone to emotional outbursts she can take offense very easily and on occasion has been described as having no filter when speaking her mind. 

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