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Brax Jarvis

Human Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Commander Jarvis




Jarvis has a stone-faced personality, coming from his childhood and past duty assignments. He wanted to be a security officer upon realizing that his late father did the same and after his Vulcan martial arts mentor suggested it. He graduated Starfleet Academy in the Class of 2391 and became an ensign, before transferring to the USS Victory, where he was court-martialed for starting a fight with another officer who was harassing him. He was sentenced to a reduction in rank and mandatory psychiatric evauluation for 2 years, being permanantly assigned to a starbase during that time.


Braxton Jarvis was born in 2369 in San Diego, California, Earth. When he was three years old, his father, a Starfleet security officer serving on the USS Forrestal, died in a shuttle accident. After this tragic event, his mother, a prominent researcher on Memory Alpha, left him with his paternal aunt on Earth and left. Because of her work, they rarely talked to each other, and Jarvis was left mostly on his own, as his aunt was on call for long periods of time as a replicator and hologram technician. In 2387, he entered Starfleet Academy hoping to major in operations, but after advice from his Vulcan martial art mentor, he entered the Security Officer Training Program, where he was much better, becoming the Academy’s leading Human Vulcan martial arts champion.

He graduated in 2391, immediately becoming an ensign on the USS Normandy and serving there for 2 years. He then was promoted to Lieutenant and transferred to the USS Victory, where he served as assistant tactical/security watch officer until he was involved in an incident with another officer who harassed him, escalating into a fight. He was court-martialed for assaulting another officer and was sentenced to a reduction in rank and mandatory psychiatric evaluation once a week for a year, where upon the tribunal would review his record. He was transferred to Starbase 74 where he returned as an ensign.

After a year, Jarvis was re-promoted to Lieutenant and resumed his duty as security watch officer for another year, after which he was promoted to Lieutenant Commander for meritorious service during an attack by rogue Klingon rebels on the base. With that promotion, he became Chief of Station Security, equal to a CSO on a starship. After a year of that, he decided to transfer to the USS Yosemite as their chief of security.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2391 - 2393 Security officer USS Normandy
2393 - 2394 Assistant Security/Tactical Department Watch Officer USS Victory
2394 - 2395 Security Officer Starbase 74
2395 - 2396 Assistant Security/Tactical Department Watch Officer Starbase 74
2396 - 2398 Chief of Station Security Starbase 74
Lieutenant Commander
2398 - 2399 Chief of Security/Tactical USS Yosemite
Lieutenant Commander