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Cap't Tannhauser of the Qu'AnR

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Konrad Erik Tannhauser is tall and stocky, with a well-defined physique. Gray-Blonde hair, blue eyes, and a goatee over a square jaw hint at his Teutonic heritage. When tired he sometimes had a slight limp, a legacy from an injury early in his career.

Tannhauser was positive, self confident and very self reliant. He had an upbeat and friendly manner, able to communicate with crew and personnel at all levels. Not above getting his hands dirty he strove to set a good standard for others to follow. He had a ready sense of humor that he exercised frequently.

He leads from the front, an assertive and a strong commander. Able to think quickly and logically, he is calm and decisive during routine ship operations and equally so under high level stresses such as combat and tactical emergencies


Tannhauser was positive, self confident and very self reliant. He had an upbeat and friendly manner, able to communicate with crew and personnel at all levels. Not above getting his hands dirty he strove to set a good standard for others to follow. He had a ready sense of humor that he exercised frequently.

He leads from the front, an assertive and a strong commander. Able to think quickly and logically, he is calm and decisive during routine ship operations and equally so under high level stresses such as combat and tactical emergencies

But since the death of his parents and daughter his personality had become much more subdued, gone is the old bon-homie, now one is left with the sense of man deeply motivated and committed to exacting revenge.

Strengths / Weakness
He is resourceful, innovative and adaptable, a problem solver he believes in confrontation rather than avoidance but does not seek out unnecessary conflicts.
He requests and listens to the opinions of juniors and superiors and expects the same courtesy.
He makes decisions readily and is prepared to stand by them.
He is supportive of his superiors before the crew but he is his own man and does not hesitate to raise any concerns he may have in private, where he speaks his mind.
A go-getter, he is not above taking risks and this has backfired on him on a couple of occasions.
He is diligent, hardworking and dedicated; he expects and requires the same level of commitment in junior officers and from their crews.
He has little time for procrastination, shoddy work or a poor level of commitment.
He can be harsh in his criticism of those who under achieve.
Recently he has taken to drinking heavily, probably more than he should.
Has been having difficulty controlling his anger with those he feels are obstructive or awkward.

To continue his career in Star Fleet moving towards a future command.

Hobbies / Interests
Yachting, SCUBA, fishing

Languages Federation standard, Klingon, Romulan

Father Klaus Deceased
Mother Evaline Deceased
Sister Lisle
Spouse Unmarried
Children Tenleith Missing presumed deceased

Tannhauser was born on New Berlin colony on Earth’s Moon in 2361. His parents, who are now retired, were both in Federation service, his mother was Starfleet Engineer specializing in colony and space station power systems. His father was a lawyer, who became a Federation Judge. His younger sister is also in Starfleet and followed their mother into engineering.

He began flying at an early age, a skill that began through restoring and flying a battered old surplus sub-orbital Moon Shuttle, a project undertaken with his sister when they were both teenagers.

He entered the Academy in 2379, taking majors in Navigation and Astrometrics, with secondary courses in Security and Engineering. For his second year he was transferred to the satellite campus at Marseilles Starbase to undertake part of his training. Here he joined the Academy Yacht Club on a whim and discovered a love of the sea. Naturally gravitating to the helm he steered the academy boat to a number of victories. He expanded his interest with scuba diving and soon realized he was hooked on oceanography as a hobby, perhaps due to his childhood growing up on a lifeless Moon with no bodies of water outside of a swimming pool.

The year at Marseilles passed quickly and he was back in San Francisco, where he continued boating and diving between his increasingly busy study schedule, whenever time permitted. Now, though he had the opportunity to fly in simulators and later in space. He proved a skilled and competent pilot, coming second in his class in helm and navigation classes.

2383 Graduation saw Ensign Tannhauser assigned as junior helmsman aboard the Sabre Class USS Spatha operating patrols along the border with the Breen Confederacy.

2385 He was promoted to Second Lieutenant and senior helmsman. With the sudden rotation of the Valoris Nebula, which plunged several Federation Worlds into Breen claimed space, the Spatha, undertook long range reconnaissance missions into Breen territory. Tannhauser became adept at avoiding contact with Breen patrol vessels and out-flying any they were unlucky enough to encounter.

As the Breen Crisis deepened the ship began convoy escort duties, guarding cargo ships supplying the Federation worlds. The Breen counterattacks were fierce and relentless. During an attack on a convoy the Spatha was set upon by five Breen warships. Outnumbered and outgunned the ship was torn apart.

As the bridge exploded around him Tannhauser ran for the escape pods with the rest of the crew. A hull integrity field collapsed and a bulkhead gave way crushing his left leg and knocking him senseless. He woke up in an escape pod in extreme pain and spent the next three days drifting in and out of consciousness before the pod was picked up.

The besieged and battered Federation colony had only rudimentary medical facilities and his leg was poorly set. He had to wait another three weeks before being casi-vaced back to a Starbase across the Federation line.

2386 Tannhauser spent the next four months in hospital undergoing a series of operations, bone and tissue regeneration procedures, followed by exhaustive physiotherapy sessions before he was able to walk unaided again. While his injury is now fully healed, he will occasionally suffer some discomfort when tired.

2387 Tannhauser cleared for active duty again, promoted to Lieutenant and assigned to the staff of Commodore Blye, Task Force Ninety-Three, at Deep Space Six. When the Hobus Supanova devasted the Romulan Empire, Blye as appointed as Starfleet’s senior Romulan liaison officer. As a staff pilot Tannhauser spent a couple of weeks aboard the Romulan vessel Santars while the Commodore and his Romulan counterparts held a conference to agree Starfleet aide operations.

During this time he struck up a short but intimate relationship with a Romulan officer, Tenleith, one of the ship’s tactical officers and the daughter of a prominent Romulan government official. After two weeks the negotiations concluded and Tannhauser and the rest of the Commodore’s staff returned to DS Six.

Tannhauser had no idea how those two weeks would come to play such a pivotal role in his future.

2389 Transferring to the Nebula Class USS Brunel Tannhauser was assigned as Assistant Flight Control Officer. Fitted with a Corps of Engineers Pod the ship built an astral observatory and repaired a Regula class space station.

2391 Moving on again, Tannhauser was assigned as Chief Flight Control Officer on the USS Wayfarer, an Intrepid class explorer. The ship undertook a two year cruise to plot special anomalies in the Bludensa Nebula.

2393 Tannhauser returned to Starfleet Academy to move from flight control into the command track. Completing the Bridge Officer’s course with honors and doing well in advanced tactical studies. The training concluded with a promotion to Lieutenant Commander.

2394 Tannhauser was assigned as the First Officer aboard another Saber Class vessel, the USS Gladius. The ship was assigned to commerce protection and counter piracy operations, including an extended mission routing out and destroying several Nausican ships, who had been raiding a Federation outpost in the Garvarian Corridor. The Nausican ships were fast and agile, Tannhauser regularly took the helm during pursuits applying his considerable piloting skills.

2397 Returning back to Federation space Tannhauser took a period of shore leave on Norpin V visiting with his parents. The vacation was interrupted by a surprise communication from the Federation Aide and Relief organization. The organization was working to help Romulan refugees and survivors of the Hobus supernova.

While processing a group of refugees they had come across a young Human-Romulan girl who had been living at a Romulan orphanage. One of the orphanage staff was with the group and told aide workers that the girl was the grand-daughter of a Romulan government official. The girl’s mother had died during childbirth and the family had not wanted the disgrace and social stigma of raising a half human child, so she had been packed off to the orphanage. The staff member did not know the identity of the child’s father, only that it was reported he was a Starfleet Officer who had been a pilot for a Commodore Blye. A little investigation and a cross match on the girl’s DNA identified Tannhauser as the girl’s father. She bore her mother’s name – Tenleith.

Suddenly finding out he had a ten year old daughter came as a considerable shock to the thirty seven year old bachelor Tannhauser. He had spent the majority of his career having a good time with a variety of female companions and whose longest previous relationship had lasted just over a eighteen months. While Tannhauser was at first unsure what to make of the situation, his parents were overjoyed at having their first grandchild and the three of them travelled to the Federation refugee facility on a planet bordering the Neutral Zone to collect Tenleith.

The first meeting of father and daughter did not go well. Both faced with coming to terms with a relative they had never met or even heard of just a couple of weeks before. Although shunned by her mother’s family Tenleith had still been raised in Romulan society and had no immediate desire to embrace human culture or to live with a strange human father.

Tannhauser’s parents took to Tenleith immediately and with their help Tannhauser and his daughter gradually established a relationship, somewhat unconventional in nature but with genuine love and affection.

2397 Taking his new responsibilities as a father to heart Tannahuser chose to find a family-friendly billet for his next assignment and took up a position as Executive Officer of the 405th Tactical Airlift Squadron, a Fleet Support freight and cargo operation based at Starbase Hudson Bay. The 405th operated a variety of starships and transport craft, including the Anton variant USS Mallard. On her third full refit the eighty five year old Mallard was one of the last operational Mirander’s still in service. A mix of new upgrades and original parts the ship had Reliant tactical systems combined with the Anton‘s huge capacity for cargo and the Mirander’s turn of speed. Tannhauser loved the ship, with a minimal crew and no need for any departments not directly related to flying the ship the Mallard delivered logistical support at express speed. It also helped that the ship had room to bring Tenleith along on supply runs.

The 405th was scheduled for an extended supply run lasting some three months and Tannhauser’s parents came to look after their granddaughter while Tannhauser was away. With the summer school break coming in a couple of weeks it was agreed they would take Tenleith on a pleasure cruise aboard the civilian star liner SS Helios, a resort and vacation ship.

Six weeks out Tannhauser received devastating news, The Helios had been attacked by vessels of the House of Mo’Kai and Sovereignty of Kahless. Striking deep into Federation territory, the Klingons renegades had boarded the ship in search of family members of a Klingon House who were deeply opposed to their insurgency. In a terrorist raid they murdered seven members of the House, then turned their weapons on the rest of the passengers.
Returning to their ship with an unknown number of hostages they fired several torpedoes into the unarmed vessel and departed. The Helios broke in two, the stern section exploded, and when rescuers arrived they found the shattered star liner surrounded by hundreds of lifeless bodies. Only a few survivors had managed to make it to the escape pods.

Tannhauser’s parents were confirmed amongst the dead. Tenleith was listed as missing presumed dead; the attack had happened later in the evening and their stateroom had been in the aft section of the ship which was totally destroyed.

It was a further seven weeks before Tannhauser could return to Starbase Hudson Bay. The journey back was an emotional nightmare. He’d lost a daughter he had not known of eighteen months ago and both parents. Due to the delay he had been unable to attend the funeral, during which they had buried his mother and father and an empty coffin for Tenleith

He had visited the graves with his sister. His parents had retired to lush river valley on Norpin V’s second continent and the graves were on a low hill overlooking their property. The site was beautiful but held no joy for him. His sister left him be and it was late into the evening before he returned to the house. He spent the next several days walking up to the hill and staying there until it was dark. He became bitter, moody and brooding but after two weeks of self-indulgence he realized it was time to get to his life.

He returned to the 405th but immediately began applying for positions aboard ships assigned to Task Force 93 bordering the Klingon Empire. However, word got around that Tannhauser was looking for a fight with the Klingons he held responsible for his family’s deaths and his applications were turned down. He tried protesting the rejections, at one point getting into a slanging match with Admiral Banda’s personnel officer about why Starfleet was not tackling the SoK terrorists. That got him nothing but a visit from a Task Force Security Captain and a warning to knock it off or risk losing his career.

Three days later he resigned his commission, boarded a civilian transport and dropped out of sight…

Service History:

2379 Starfleet Academy
Year I Cadet – Majors: Navigation, Astrometrics
Year II Cadet – Majors: Flight Control
Year III Cadet – Minors: Security; Engineering
Year IV Cadet – Academy Training vessel: USS Aryabhata

2383 Ensign – Flight Control: USS Spatha
2385 Lieutenant Junior Grade – Flight Control: USS Spatha
2386 Lieutenant Junior Grade – Inactive/Recuperation: Starbase 12 Hospital
2387 Lieutenant – TF 93 Command staff pilot: Deepspace 6
2389 Lieutenant – Assistant Chief Flight Control: USS Brunel
2391 Lieutenant – Chief Flight Control Officer: USS Wayfarer
2393 Lieutenant Commander – Bridge & Command Officer course: SF Academy
2394 Lieutenant Commander – First Officer: USS Gladius
2397 Lieutenant Commander – Executive Officer: 405th Tactical Airlift; Squadron; Starbase Hudson Bay.

2399 Resigned Commission – End of Starfleet service
Current whereabouts unknown…