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Profile Overview

Magnus Stevenson

Terran Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Commander Stevenson




-Stevenson was born on 8/6/2359 to Helene and Stefan Stevenson on board the deep space hauler “Clearwater”. He is the younger brother to Reidun Stevenson. Reidun is about six years his elder and currently works with Starfleet R&D at an undisclosed location in the Alpha Quadrant.
-Magnus was accepted to Starfleet Academy and was placed on a track focused on logistics and operations. This track was determined by his exam scores and his ability to process large amounts of information in a clear and concise manner. Upon graduation he was posted on board the USS Osiris an aging Excelsior class vessel. As one of two Assistant Operations Officers Stevenson was able to learn a great deal from his superiors and has completed and passed the Chief Operations Officer qualification exam.


8/6/2359-Magnus Stevenson is born on board the deep space hauler “Clearwater”.  He grows up in deep space on board the ship until his family acquires a larger vessel, the “Stillwater”.  The Stevenson family quickly develops a name in deep space cargo hauling and Magnus is set to take over the family business after his sister departs for Starfleet Academy.

5/1/2378-Magnus follows in the footsteps of his sister, Reidun and reports to Starfleet Academy.  He quickly takes a liking to logistics and operations and is placed on a development track.

5/10/2382-Stevenson graduates from Starfleet Academy and accepts a posting on board the USS Osiris.  He is the second of two Assistant Operations Officers and works his way towards becoming a Chief Operations Officer.  Three years into his service he is advanced to the senior AOPS position.  Within another two years he has qualified for the Chief Operations Officer exam.

2/15/2388-The USS Osiris is decommissioned and Stevenson submits his application for Chief Operations Officer on board the USS Hypatia.