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Klingon Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Kla'Mor


Klingon Doctor


Kla’Mor was anything but a typical Klingon. His disposition is less surly and more interested. He doesn’t have the drive to win every physical challenge that comes at him. Kla’Mor found he had an aptitude for medicine. After he passed his Second Rite of Ascension, his path pointed him to Starfleet and a medical career


Kla’Mor was born in 2359. He had a typical Klingon upbringing. Lots of honor and fighting. He went through the Rite of Ascension and officially became a warrior at thirteen. As was common he joined a ship, the IKS B’Moth and continued to train as a Klingon warrior. He developed an aptitude for first aid, so he was also trained as a medic. After he had his second Rite of Ascension and was fully a warrior, he was given the opportunity to attend Starfleet Academy. After graduating from the Academy, he was sent to Starfleet Medical for further training as a doctor.