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Ganah J'mpec

Klingon Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Junior Grade J'mpec




Having been raised on a Federation colony, Ganah is considerably more understated and quiet than most Klingons. While she speaks in a confident manner, Ganah doesn’t really speak out of turn. Very accepting of others and their cultures, Ganah doesn’t feel any connection to her Klingon heritage, and is attempting to chart her own course through her life. She’s not a fighter, and doesn’t particularly feel confidence in intimidating others, even if she realizes it’s a natural reaction she gets from a lot of Federation people. Generally quite humble, and has confidence in her abilities, even if she doesn’t outwardly portray it.


Born in 2362, the first child to Onell and Yav’aja J’mpec, on a middling Klingon colony. The J’mpec (Pronounced HIM-peck) family served no great house, had no grand history of warriors, and Ganah’s mother and father were civil and electrical engineers, respectively, for that colony. Not exactly someone born into honor. When the Klingon Civil War broke in 2367, more powerful houses took what little the J’mpec’s had. Displaced without a future in the Klingon Empire, the J’mpec family with their five year old Ganah, and their newborn second child, Thallola, joined several dozen other Klingon families who saw themselves in similar situations across the Empire to seek refuge in the Federation.

In 2367, the J’mpec’s and several other Klingon families settled on the Federation colony of Taranko. Taranko was incredibly varied in its few million inhabitants. In fact, humans only made up around an eighth of total population. Andorians were the single biggest group, making up about 37.5% of the planet’s populace, with Bolians, Tellarites, and Saurians making up the next biggest groups. Several other member species had numbers in the five to low six digit numbers. The colony was pretty self sustaining with mines and farms, but had no great mineral deposits or resources, no Starfleet base, and wasn’t in a strategic location, so it was chiefly insulated from the Klingon and Dominion conflicts in the early to mid 2370’s. There wasn’t much of a transporter infrastructure on the colony, so most goods and people were moved via areo- and space craft.

Onell and Yav’aja found work, and were generally accepted on the colony. Ganah made friends and felt general pleased with her upbringing. In 2375, shortly after the end of the Dominion War, Ganah and her family were granted Federation citizenship. At age 15, Ganah, who had already been obsessed with shuttles, starships, and anything else that could leave the ground under its own power, received training and a job flying craft around planet. The job started as moving cargo, to eventually passenger transport, and even to interplanetary travel around the Taranko system. At 17, Ganah and several other student from Taranko attended a field trip to the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards, which solidified her interest in starships and Starfleet. At 18, she took the Starfleet Academy entrance exam at the closest starbase, and was subsequently accepted.