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Hayden Kane

Human Male

Character Information




Captain Hayden Kane is the chief engineering officer of the Battlestar Minos. Following the attack on the Twelve Colonies by the Cylons, the Minos managed to escape but struggled for several days with a broken FTL drive before they encountered the Battlestar Artemis.

Born on Virgon, Hayden comes from a long line of Colonial Fleet officers. He served on the Colonial Destroyer Aegeon as an FTL Engineer before transferring to the Minos.


Hayden was born the only child to a Picon family with a long history of Colonial Fleet service dating back to his great-great-grandfather. His grandfather served in the first Cylon War and his father joined the Colonial Fleet towards the end of the war. His mother was a Virgon astrophysicist who served as a military consultant, which is how she met Hayden’s father when he was stationed on Virgon.

For most of his formative years, Hayden grew up on Virgon while his father was stationed there. It was only towards his later teen years that the family moved to Picon where the Kane line is originally from. Hayden hadn’t shown much interest in the Colonial Fleet until their move to Picon where he was more exposed to the Fleet traditions and the history of his own family. His interest in engineering and technology had started at a young age, and the Fleet Academy seemed more and more like the best way to make both his parents proud and follow his own interests.

During his time at the Academy, he specialised as an FTL systems engineer. Following his graduation from the Academy, he was assigned to the Colonial Destroyer Aegeon as FTL engineer. He spent five years in service on the Aegeon before being transferred as FTL engineer to the Battlestar Minos. After two years of service, he was promoted to chief engineer of the Minos.

During the Cylon attack, Hayden was still stationed on the Minos. His parents were both stationed at the Pallas Military Research Station at the time.