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Profile Overview

Simon Balboa deLeon

Human Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Balboa deLeon


Chief of Science
USS Ride


Simon Balboa deLeon is known in some scientific circles as a bit of a “wunderkind.” While he personally hates this, and is incredibly reserved and humble, he understands the need for someone with a wide knowledge of science for deep space missions. He was hand picked by Admiral Tondrofor this posting, after reading several of his published papers on the deleterious effects of warp and slipstream travel on subspace, as well as his study of quantum entanglement phenomena and black holes.


Simon was raised in Lisbon, on Earth. From a young age, his level of intelligence was evident, and he had a high level of interest in the stars. He joined Starfleet Academy at the traditional age of 18, but graduated a full year early after testing out of several courses.


Upon graduating from the Academy, Simon was posted to the Daystrom Science Institute as a junior fellow, and was tasked with the advancement of his study of the effects of warp and slipstream travel on subspace. He enjoyed the posting, and continued most of the scientific research he’d been doing in his spare time at the Academy.


In 2398, Rear Admiral Tondro hand-picked Simon for the role of Chief Science Officer aboard the USS Ride, bypassing several more senior officers who coveted the role in favor of the young man with an open mind. He is excited to be aboard such a magnificent vessel tasked with such advanced levels of scientific exploration and discovery.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2396 - 2398 Junior Science Officer Daystrom Institute
2398 - Present Chief Science Officer USS Ride