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Elyah Vall

Trill (Joined) Female

Character Information

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Lieutenant Junior Grade Vall




Elyah Vall



Joined Trill, Ex-Starfleet, and Liberated Borg. Vall has lived quite a life. On Starbase 38 her role is to be the voice of the civilian population, acting as their liaison to the powers that be. And while she’s here, maybe she can learn a new skill or two or even find something worth staying for.


The Vall symbiont has had the kind of contentious history to give it a reputation as “cursed.” It was first bonded to a host in 2097, when it was stolen by one of its symbiont caretakers, Ila Reddev. Vall was blacklisted by the Symbiosis Commission for the theft, and in turn began to be passed down through the Reddev family: From Ila to Zara to Pyrix to Eema to Kareel to Reeza.

And then was stolen again when its seventh host killed Reeza and claimed Vall as his own. For all of his crimes, after joining, Keman tried to turn his life around. Although his time with the Vall symbiont was short, he saw that Vall was returned to the Symbiosis Commission and allowed to pass into the hands of other Trill. And so it continued from Dagon to Arjin to Nedan, until in 2392 it ended up in the possession of Elyah Kellic.

Elyah was born on a deep space exploration ship, the TES Wayfarer, to a pair of hydroponics caretakers. She grew up tight knit community, learning how to pull her weight from an early age. It was something of a culture shock when their transport returned to Federation space when she was a teenager.

From an early age, both Elyah and her brother Tenin wanted two things: a career in Starfleet and a chance to be bonded to a symbiont. Both studied day and night, worked hard, and went through a lot of sleepless nights at the academy, but in the end Elyah was bonded and Tenin wasn’t. This led to some strain between the siblings following their commission.

And then, not even a year after becoming Elyah Vall or her graduation, her ship was ambushed by a Borg sphere. Vall spent the next three years of her life as a drone. She claims not to remember much from that time, but it’s more likely she just doesn’t like to remember those days.

The sphere was heavily damaged by an ion storm in 2395 and was discovered by the USS Essex some time after where it was able to recover some of the drones before being forced to destroy the regenerating sphere. Deassimiliation was a painful process and no one could blame Elyah when she decided to depart Starfleet shortly thereafter.

Not sure where she belonged, Vall wandered for a time, encountering hate and prejudice wherever she went. Remembering those early days on the Wayfarer, far from civilization, she found a new project. A colonization effort bound for Alpha Solarii. A journey that would take months and just as long to set up on the planet. What began as an escape, turned into a career as she was taken under the wing by the group’s organizer and leader Erik Kinton.

But that relationship didn’t remain professional, turning into a whirlwind romance that led to a short lived marriage. Where Kinton was ready to settle on this strange new world and make a life, Vall couldn’t sit still. That next project, the new challenge, the next person were over the horizon and so she left Kinton and Alpha Solarii behind.

Now with two more colony projects under her belt, Vall finds herself returning to Starfleet on a provisional basis. It’s a chance to reconnect with the life she lost, and an opportunity to find a median point between her desire for change and for stability. Only time will tell what she finds.