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Romulan Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Commander Revohk


IRW Uhaii Paenhe


Revohk is driven by the desire to seek revenge against the Star Empire’s enemies and increase his personal status. He is quick to punish insult and treachery against himself. He also rewards those who serve him loyally.


Revohk joined the Romulan Star Navy at sixteen. Due to family connections, he started as a sub-lieutenant. At the time, he had no knowledge or care about intergalactic politics and just wanted to gain status within the Star Empire. During the Dominion War, he saw firsthand how the Romulan Senate and the Tal Shiar’s infighting damaged the empire with changing sides back and forth between the Dominion and the Federation. He was unhappy that the politics in the Star Empire kept it from looking out for their own interests first. He served the empire well during the Dominion War. He had an instinct for survival. By the end of the war, he had advanced from being a Fighter pilot to being the pilot of a Preax Class Scout ship, the IRW Khrisa.  His  next advancement was to become the second officer of the IRW Nei’rrh. After that he was posted as first officer aboard the IRW Morgai. He was first officer of the IRW Mogai when the supernova happened. Similar to many others in the empire, Revohk’s family (and wealth) were wiped out by the event. He took it upon himself to redouble his efforts in the Romulan Star Navy to advance and carve out a position for himself. He wiped out those on the outside of the empire that caused him trouble as well as anyone inside the Star Empire who got into his way. Several years after the supernova he finally advanced to take command of a D’deridex Battle Cruiser. Armed with the IRW Uhaii Paenhe  and more than his fair share of ambition, he worked his way up to Squadron Commander while maintaining his flagship as the IRW Uhaii Paenhe. His ambition in high gear, he sees no end to the advancement he can achieve with enough cunning and ruthlessness.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2372 - 2374 Starfighter Pilot Rhaarh Starfighter Squadron
2374 - 2378 Starship Pilot IRW Khrisa
2378 - 2383 2nd Officer IRW Nei'rrh
2383 - 2390 First Officer IRW Mogai
2390 - 2399 Ship Commander IRW Uhaii Paenhe
2399 - Present Squadron Commander Ourai Squadron