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Human Male

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Civilian Robert




Kind, Wise, Formidable, Calm, Quiet at times, and Robert prefers to listen to every one and then make a suggestion at the end. He can be loud at times if needed be and some times harsh when he acts without thinking. Robert can become angry if provoked enough. He always hides his true motives and through, not always for the finest interests, he truly believes that what he does, he does for the good of all.


Robert started his political career early in his life, after the assassination of his father. Peter Eisen had been the Colonial Governor of Proxima for over a decade, one of the Federations furthest colonies during the earliest era of settlements, near the Cardassian border. The colony had been established in 2200, there had been a wagon train to the stars; the Federation had called it.

Robert was born in 2329 during a time of upheaval for the thriving city and outlying towns, there were now 3 main party factions fighting for control within the federation cabinet, some for succession and independence and others like his father, keen to keep aligned with the Federations.

In 2350 at the age of just 22 Robert succeeded his father as the Governor of Proxima, his fathers assassination at hit him hard and he was determined to bend the will of the people too his own ambitions, and seek revenge for his fathers untimely demise. Robert declared martial law and rounded up all those that where involved with the attempts and those that had committed the crimes against his family and the people of Proxima, in total 134 people where taken away it is not known if they were killed or deported to Earth by the general populace, the rumour was they had been killed while in a secret facility under the capital city. What ever had become of them it brought peace to the planet.

2360 Robert had remained in office and continued as a wise and some times temperamental ruler, he spared nothing on the people and gave them what he could. Robert built hospitals and schools, and turned Proxima into a thriving trading metropolis, people never asked how or where the money came from.

With help from the Federation Proxima had started to grow faster than ever, a larger government had been formed with himself as the head councillor and representative to the Federation Government. 2365 long after his terms in office should have ended Robert Eisen stepped down and was replaced by Governor Yan Ari.

Robert served as the Ambassador to Proxima from the Federation Embassy on Earth for several years. For his service to the Federation in 2370 Robert was granted the Governorship of New Faith, a recently establish colony in the lower sections of the Alpha Quadrant. It was not without fraught as in 2373 New Faith was sacked by the Dominion Forces, with over 3000 dead Robert was captured and taken back to the Dominion Home World and kept as a prisoner of war, he was beaten and tortured and broken down until he had nothing left to give.

2376 Robert was finally released along with 300 other prisoners of war; Robert stood for the first time in 3 years and looked at the bright sky above New Faith. His suit torn and blackened by dried blood. Robert had been released by his captives and refused to change his clothes or leave his quarters onboard the USS Kline until he had reached his destination.

Robert returned to Earth after new Faith had been abandoned it was nothing more than rubble and carnage.

2377 Robert had now been repatriated into society and after making sure he was not a founder he found himself amiss, with nothing to do but sit around and drink tea.

During the time between 2377 and 2380 Robert decided to take a political tour of several Federation colonies and make new contacts. During his tour; Robert stayed aboard the USS Warspite and became friends with the captain. During the final leg of his journey Robert returned home to Proxima he was re-elected as Governor for a 3 year term, during the 3 year term not all went smoothly within his office, although nothing was said and his administration was once again hailed as a victory. Robert left and returned to Earth.

Now reaching the middle of his life, Robert felt something was missing, a wife and a family, he had no desire to marry any one from back home. During his journey to Earth he had decided to stop off at Romulus to meet an old alley.

2382 Late December Robert had been staying at the Regent Hotel Paris for a meeting with the Federation President regarding a new assignment; it would turn out to be the Governorship of New Dublin. Unfortunately Robert would not stay long due to an attempt on his life from an old adversary from Proxima.

2384 Robert accepts a new challenge after 3 months of recuperation on Vulcan from an attempted poisoning. Governor of Ariella; while travelling to his new assignment, to broker peace on the Colony of Ariella, the craft SS Hanover encounters certain difficulties and crash lands on the planet Ariella.

Robert and a small boy Michael survive the incident and are taken to the Decker Memorial Hospital and looked after by a Dr Williamson until he had recovered from his injuries.

2385: Robert left Ariella for Starbase Pegasus for a neutral meeting of Federation and Ariella Members to come to a peace agreement.

2386: Robert returned to Proxima after marrying Julianne Purefory. Unfortunately while Robert had been tending to his white roses of Proxima, Julianne slipped on the stairs and failed to regain consciousness and died 2 days later.

2386 late. Robert chose an assignment in Raeya Sector to over see the withdrawal of Starfleet.

by 2390 Robert should have left and return aboard the Gravity; but chose to stay behind as part of the Diplomatic core. not that there was much of a core. Just himself. as the Federation returned from time to time and began rebuilding the base.

2396 Robert had been living almost alone along the jungle shoreline