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Quentin Harrison

human male

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Lieutenant Quentin Harrison




Quentin is a very great loyal starfleet Officer


Quentin Harrison is the son of a working-class man from the rural Highlands of Scotland. A youth spent tilling the soil on Earth and later Volan III until the ceding of that territory to the Cardassians. The Harrison’s permanently relocated to Bajor and became instrumental in aiding the Bajorans with the production of crops after the Dominion War

Quentin won an appointment to Starfleet Academy thanks to a paper he wrote calling for a need to fill a tactical vacancy in Starfleet’s Marine Corps. Quentin declined a commission in the Starfleet Rangers and Marines, preferring to serve as a security officer and later martial arts instructor. when the war broke out, Quentin was assigned to Jupiter Station in order to protect the facility and its staff from capture. Harrison served with distinction during the Borg Incursion, helping to rescue trapped personnel and civilians from harm.

Harrison transferred to the USS Berkeley at the request of then-Captain Ricky Wegener as the chief of security. Despite his anti-social behavior, Quentin served with distinction aboard the Berkeley until personal issues forced him to take a leave of absence from the Fleet.

Quentin returned to Starfleet for a brief time, only to resign his commission and join Jim Holbridge as a combat instructor for the Nebula Gold Security Group. Improper behavior resulted his dismissal from NGSC. Quentin accepted a position as a security contractor with a rival organization only to have his reserve commission reactivated and transferred to the Marine Corps where he was assigned as Recon Platoon Leader.

During a mission to retrieve several Starfleet crewmates that had been assimilated by the Borg, the regimental executive officer, Thomas Franklin, was killed in action and Major Lorenz promoted Harrison to the XO’s position,, where he is still serving as of this date. in 2396 Starfleet reassigned Quentin to Hawkeye island as the new 4th marine Division Executive Officer in 2398 he was reactived to the starfleet Marines and reassigned to the USS Pioneer as the new M.A.C.O Commanding Officer under the Command of Captain Cronin Keys/tr>

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2380 - 2385 Security Officer Jupiter Station
2385 - 2387 Chief Of securiy U.S.S. berkeley
2388 recon Platoon Leader Starbase 900
2388 - 2396 3rd Marine Regiment Executive Officer Starbase 900
2396 - 2398 4th marine Division Executive Officer Hawkeye Island
2398 - Present M.A.C.O Commanding Officer U.S.S. Pioneer