Jillian Forst

Detective for hire, no job too big, no job too slow. Currently working the free areas of Federation space and beyond.


General Overview: Jillian is very analytical when it comes to trying to solve a case. She likes a good laugh but is fierce when you cross her and has been known to throw a suspect on top of a Dabo Table to get them to talk when they insult her.

Age: 43
Height: 5’5′
Weight: Don’t ask
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Brown
Strengths: Analytical, quick to act, fast on her feet
Weakness: Headstrong, slow to trust, sometimes has anger issues
Occupation: Former owner, operator, lead investigator of Prophet Eye Investigations

Ambitions Move up in the strange galaxy that we live in and wake up tomorrow

Hobbies & Interests With the life that Jill leads, there isn’t much time for any hobbies though she has been known to play dom-jot and dabo.

Personal History Jillian started her career as a Starfleet Intelligence officer. She graduated 200th out of 438th in her class and was a “century” having a hundred hours worth of demerits. After graduation she was assigned to a listening post on the Romulan border deciphering communications from the Romulan embassy and their ambassadors.

After some time there and some altercations with her higher ups, she was transferred to a field unit to do observations and track down leads on insurrections within the federation.

After a particularly trying mission, Jillian got into a heated argument with her CO which resulted in a punch being thrown and Frost spending 30 days in the brig and a demotion to Ensign.

When it came time for her to re-enlist she left Starfleet and went into business for herself. Starting a private investigation service that catered to clients that have issues that need solved discretely.

Jill bounced around several different odd jobs and flea hotels looking for an opportunity. When she got work, it was usually the cheating spouse, or extortion case. Jill almost dragged herself back to Starfleet when she found a lease on an office in a run down part of the ship yard complex on Mars.

After finding some success, she decided to move her operations to a more successful area of the quadrant and headed towards Roark Station. She found that she integrated well in, using some of her former contacts to not only get business from those members of Starfleet that inhabited the station, the locals too came to her with work.

After a long stint on the station, and one broken heart, Jill closed shop and shipped out, looking for work when it came, and tried to make sure she woke up the next morning.

Service Record Starfleet Academy: Specialization in intelligence and investigative practices and decryption

Graduated 200th out of 438 in her class assigned to Relay point Zeta Omicron

Promoted to Lieutenant JG

Demoted to Ensign

Left Starfleet started PI service.

Opened Prophet Eye Investigations – Mars
Left Mars

Opened Prophet Eye Investigations – Deep Space 12: Roark Station
Closed Prophet Eye Investigations upon leaving station
Investigator for hire on small claim insurance fraud claims



Service Record

- Present
Owner - Operator - Lead Investigator
Prophet Eye Investigations