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Profile Overview

Lee Carter west

human female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Commander lee Carter


Lee Carter was born in Cochrane City on Alpha Centauri. She comes from a family with a very long history in Starfleet. The earliest Starfleet Carters served aboard the first Daedalus Class Starships. They fought in the Human-Romulan War and participated in countless first contacts.

Lee herself joined Starfleet in 2366, a year before the Wolf 359 Disaster. She served with distinction in various fighter wings, and very quickly earned her “Ace” pilot status. During the Dominion War, she shot down several Jem’Hadar fighters and even managed to destroy a heavy Breen cruiser during the last days of that conflict. When Banshee Squadron’s Wing Commander Jasmine Phoenix was killed during a daring raid deep into Dominion-held space, Lee took the reigns, and has been Wing Commander ever since. She has been decorated numerous times for bravery and twice for being severely wounded in action.

After the Dominion War, Banshee Squad was sent to various other trouble spots around the Federation to help quell the disturbances, but four years after the War, Banshee Squadron was disbanded. Lee then took assignments piloting Admirals and Ambassadors around in in-system shuttlecraft, but that was not proving to be very fulfilling, so in 2380 when the opportunity came to sign aboard the USS Excalibur assigned to a long-range exploratory mission, she didn’t hesitate. While aboard the Excalibur, she lobbied for the reactivation of her old squad, arguing that the starship needed the extra support out on the Galactic rim. Her request was granted.

During the Mulluran Wars, Carter distinguished herself and her team by leading them in several missions critical to the overall war effort, and contributed significantly to the Federation’s victory there.

While much of here career has been as a combat officer on the front lines, Lee Carter has also been an explorer in the finest Starfleet tradition. She participated in the first contact with the Aqrabu on the other side of the Black Gate, and with the planet-being Gaia.

In 2384, she accepted a promotion to First Officer of the USS Eternity.

from  2392-2398 starfleet command reassigned her to  the U.S.S. Tigris which was  under the Command of Captain Joseph Boston as the wing Commander/ Acting XO .

in 2398 starfleet reassigned her to Task force 72 as the new Executive Officer/Chief of SCE Officer of the USS Saratoga . after the decommissioning of the Saratoga Starfleet reassigned Lee Carter west to the U.S.S. Aquarius which is under the command of Akiyama makoto as the new strategic operations department deputy chief   with the rank of lt. Commander 

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2392 - 2398 wing Commander/Acting XO USS Tigris(task force 99)
Lieutenant Commander
2399 Executive Officer/Chief of SCE Officer USS Saratoga
Lieutenant Commander
2400 - Present Strategic operations department deputy chief U.S.S. dragonfly
Lieutenant Commander