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Daphne Lucas

Human Female

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Rank & Address

Lieutenant Lucas




Daphne Jeanine Lucas



Daphne lives her life attending to the present moment. She is familiar with spontaneity and thrives on the adrenaline rush of “winging it” without a plan. Self-aware and attuned to an internal system of values and beliefs, she is quick to make decisions; and more often than not is satisfied with those decisions. She is incredibly empathetic to others and seeks to build strong relationships and community everywhere she goes. Daphne maintains an open door policy with close intimate friends and is always willing to listen over a glass of wine.


Daphne Jeanine Lucas was the third of three children born to Clive and Lisa Lucas in Melbourne Australia.  Her father was a literature professor at the University of Melbourne and her mother a Psychologist.  Both Clive and Lisa fancied themselves amateur anthropologists and exposed their children to Earth history and museums.  The family home was an eclectic mix of ‘ancient’ literature, relics, and modern humanism.  The children were afforded the best education and exposed to various lectures and symposiums on a variety of topics.

Every activity and minute of quality time in the family home was intentionally built to impart some lesson about human growth and development, and later in life, to encourage exploration of the existential core of humanity.  While their peers were awed by the concept of a genie, the Lucas children understood that “infinite strength and wealth comes from within” and that everyone, rich or poor; alien or human, is a “diamond in the rough.”  This was catalyzed by their mother who encouraged them to “deconstruct common beliefs and examine their “unique identity” in their relationships with others.

The Lucas children were extremely privileged, excelling in academics and extracurricular activities.  Daphne was an avid reader, enthralled with exploring the past, present, and future by simply turning a page.  Daphne and her sisters also enjoyed the outdoors, exploring the desert sands and unique geography of their continent.  The girls and their neighborhood friends would play ‘Space Travelers’ and pretend to explore the mood and other places of fiction read in books.

Daphne was first introduced to Vulcan literature in high school.  Melbourne’s Institute for the Advancement of Arts and Sciences maintained a rigorous curriculum the richness of Earth Classics while also preparing students for a future in a Galactic Universe.  Daphne knew of Vulcans, but had never seen one in person until visiting day.  She was enthralled by their stateliness and reserved nature.  She was able to read selected translations of Surak, Vulcan Poetry, and historical records.  Already required to have general knowledge of Earth Languages, she spent additional time practicing Vulcan.  She found the language to be smooth and flowing, like old earth eleven languages from fantasy fiction.

Daphne graduated in June of 2152.  Encouraged by her older sisters and parents, she participated in an alternative summer break program which toured students around Earth to experience various cultures; ending in a trip to the Vulcan Embassy for an introductory lesson by Ambassador Sovol.  The trip made a difficult decision even harder.  Daphne had already applied and been accepted by the University of Melbourne, excited to begin an interdisciplinary studies program focused on linguistics with emphasis in concentration areas of anthropology, psychology, and literature.  However, this summer journey had opened her eyes to her love for travel, connection, networking, and aliens.

With advice from friends and family, Daphne began studies at the University of Melbourne.  Xenolinguistics was now a topic emerging in the classroom as Enterprise made first contacts and encountered new humanoid species around the galaxy.  Daphne was glued to news feeds and new information surfacing about Klingon’s and Enterprise’s rushed voyage into space.  Daphne was also introduced to a new heroine, Ensign Hoshi Sato who had been advertised in a recruitment video for Starfleet.

March 2153, Daphne witnessed the Xindi attack on Earth via news feeds.  Her second term of college was about to be completed, and Daphne felt a personal calling from within herself.  The culmination of her parent’s teachings, education, and desire to help others was given direction in Starfleet.  Inspired by Hoshi Sato, she felt called to illustrate the best of humanity and develop personal connections with alien species.  She knew first hand how much better relationships are forged when communicating in native tongue; she believed it was a sign of good faith, commitment, and respect.  It was a skill she could offer to Starfleet.

The attack on Earth was a catalyst for Starfleet’s recruitment.  The recruiter informed Daphne that she was not the first to inquire about signing up.  After forwarding the necessary demographic paperwork and the United Earth Service Vocational Aptitude Battery scores, she received a follow up.  She was informed that she would have been “wait listed” if it wasn’t for the fact her talents were currently in demand.  She was given a date to meet with a physical fitness evaluator and medical doctor for final evaluations.

Starfleet Training Command

Life at training command was an adjustment from life at home and in college.  The days were structured and routine, like clockwork.  Daphne thrived on the freedom that the schedule afforded, building comradery in the residence halls and forming community.  Daphne excelled in xenolinguistics and displayed some talent for code deciphering.  She was included in a combined research team  consisting of communications and security division students and faculty; exploring encryption methods and alternative language communication to prevent Xindi and other hostile races from capturing intelligence.  Daphne graduated in 2157 as the Romulan War began to escalate.

In the war’s early stages, Daphne was stationed at Starfleet Headquarters with colleagues from the research team.  As most communication positions were filled on starships engaged in the war effort, new graduates were tasked with monitoring communications traffic within Starfleet HQ as well as other strategic points, including the Vulcan Embassy.  Daphne and several other students were later tapped by Starfleet Intelligence to review, analyze, and detect Romulan information that could be useful in swaying the war in Earth’s favor.

The victory in Cheron and implementation of the neutral zone brought Starfleet back exploratory standards.  A majority of the warp 5 ships had been lost, but the class of 2157 was ready to get their feet into space.  Daphne was pleased to have been assigned a second officer’s slot in the communications department on the Constellation, undergoing repairs and refits in stardock.  Daphne was able to attend the inauguration of the United Federation of Planets and attend a lecture by Hoshi Sato before venturing out into space.