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Keira Lenneck

Human Female

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Lieutenant Lenneck




Keira Lenneck



Graduating Starfleet Academy in 2156, Keira Lenneck served in Earth Starfleet aboard the Constellation NX-04 during the Earth-Romulan War as a science officer.

Following the formation of the Federation, she was assigned to the Starfleet Compound on Vulcan where she spent the next several years until she was offered an assignment on the USS Zheng He.


Keira Lenneck was born in 2134 in New York City, USA. Growing up during the early years of Human deep space exploration, she was continually enamoured and intrigued by all the scientific discoveries being made in the frontier of space. Her parents were both scientists: her mother, a linguistics analyst; her father, a subspace physicist. She showed great intellectual promise at an early age, something which her younger brother eventually grew to resent her for later in life because he believed her parents liked Keira more than they liked him.

With their full support behind her, Keira applied to Starfleet Academy after completing high school. She was accepted and entered into the science program, majoring in astrophysics with minors in anthropology and astrobiology. When the Xindi attacked Earth in 2153, Keira’s maternal grandparents were killed and her family urged her to drop out of the Academy, fearing dangerous time ahead, but she decided to persist. If anything, she was more determined to become a Starfleet officer and contribute as a scientist to the defense of her homeworld.

In 2156 Keira graduated from the Academy and was assigned to the Constellation NX-04 as a Science Officer. Although she had hoped for an exploration assignment, the start of the Earth-Romulan War ended those dreams, at least temporarily, as the Constellation was assigned to defend the Sol system. Despite not being able to have experienced an exploration assignment, Keira learned much during her time on the Constellation.

Four years later, in 2160, the Constellation was defending Starbase 2 while the Battle of Cheron occurred. Among one of the any Starfleet lives lost at Cheron was that of Lieutenant JG Thomas Quinlan with whom Keira had started a relationship while at the Academy. Due to the nature of their jobs as officers, the relationship was long distance for the most after their graduation, and while they had agreed to slow things down, Adrian’s death shook Keira greatly. She had always thought there would be one more time to see him, one more time to say goodbye.

Following the end of the war and the formation of the Federation, Keira was assigned to the Starfleet compound on Vulcan. She spent the next four years there as a Starfleet science advisor and worked with representatives of the Vulcan Science Academy to help integrate Human and Vulcan scientific data into a single cohesive database for Starfleet to use. It also allowed her to work through grief and loss by herself that she found very therapeutic.

Eventually by 2165 she began thinking a change might be order or she might end up spending the rest of her life on Vulcan. When the offer for the position of Chief Science Officer on the USS Zheng He came her way, she readily accepted, hoping this might be her chance to finally serve on an exploration vessel.