Profile Overview

Victor Hudson-Shaw MD FRCS

Human Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Commander Dr. Hudson-Shaw




Hudson-Shaw is tall and lean, dark brown hair and blue eyes. He has strongly defined features and a ready smile

Extensive training and hands-on experience means he is calm, collected and decisive during medical emergencies.
He works well under pressure and has a reputation for getting the job done, as efficiently as possible.
These traits give him a relaxed and assured manner, that puts patients at ease and enables him to easily communicate at all levels, from crewmen to admirals; civilians to dignitaries.
He has a quick wit, a ready sense of humor and is not above being the butt of his own jokes.
A competent professional, he maintains a veneer of medical detachment, but is quietly compassionate and feels the pain of losing a patient.


Hudson-Shaw is an excellent physician, professional and dedicated.

In addition to his standard medical qualifications he has specialized in surgery, trauma and emergency procedures; prosthetics and cybernetics. He also has interest in holistic and naturalistic medicine treatments.

He is a qualified small-craft pilot, a skill that began through restoring and flying a battered old surplus Shuttle with his younger brother as a teenager growing up at New Berlin Colony on Earth’s Moon.

Hudson-Shaw is also an avid fencer, making the Academy Fencing Team during his training. In turn he is unexpectedly competent in unarmed combat, a bonus from his medical training and knowing just where to strike an opponent to get the right results.

He avoids caffeine and other strong stimulants as he prefers not to have his hands tremble when using a laser scalpel.

Personal History:

Born in 2358 on Earth’s Moon at the New Berlin Colony, Hudson-Shaw is the oldest of three children. His father was a civilian doctor at the colony, his mother a Starfleet Engineer, specializing in colony and space station power systems.

He had a happy and uneventful childhood, he and his younger brother Alex followed in their parents chosen careers, Victor choosing medicine and Alex choosing engineering. Victor retains a passing interest in engineering, embracing new medical technology and has a passion for early flying machines, developed when he and his brother helped his Mother work on a old orbital shuttle as a restoration project.

Victor first began studying medicine at the age of sixteen, taking additional classes while at still at school. After graduating he moved to Earth and took his medical doctorate at the London School of Medicine. As soon as he had graduated, in 2383, he entered the Starfleet Medical Academy.

With the increasing unrest within the Federation he took optional additional training at the regular fleet Academy to undertake a series of starship operations related courses, giving him an understanding of Command, Security, Tactical and Operations functions.

Graduating in 2285, his first assignment, as Lieutenant Junior Grade, was aboard the Galaxy refit Class, USS Nova Scotia patrolling the Romulan Neutral zone. In 2388 he was promoted to Lieutenant and transferred to the Intrepid Class, USS Clarke, specializing in non-humanoid biology, for a two year Bio Survey mission to find new systems for future colonies.

Returning in 2390 he spent a year as a Junior Lecturer in Non-humanoid Biology at the Starfleet Medical Academy and wrote two papers for the Starfleet Medical Journal on medical discoveries from the Clarke mission. In 2391 he was back with the fleet, becoming Assistant Chief Medical Officer aboard the USS Memphis, an Insignia Class, engaged in combating the activities of the Orion crime syndicate.

In 2393 he was assigned to Starbase Forty-One as Senior Surgeon. Focusing now on an Emergency Trauma and Surgery specialism he became adapt at operating the latest versions of the surgical bio-bed, developing a several new techniques for emergency micro-surgery during mass casualty events.
In 2396 he returned to Starfleet Medical Academy for a nine month administrative and leadership course> Following successful completion he was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and assigned as Chief Medical Officer at Xavier Ship Yard.

Three years later he was offered the post as Head of Surgery aboard the USS Hippocrates.

Service Record:
Service Number Sierra Charlie 472-0161 Delta

2378 – 2383 London School of Medicine; Earth
2383 – 2385 Starfleet Medical Academy
2385 – 2388 LtJg; Medical Officer; USS Nova Scotia
2388 – 2390 Lt; Medical Officer; USS Clarke
2390 – 2391 Lt; Junior Lecturer; Starfleet Medical Academy
2391 – 2393 Lt; Assistant Chief Medical Officer; USS Memphis
2393 – 2396 Lt; Senior Surgeon; Starbase 41
2397 – 2397 Lt; Leadership & Administration course; Starfleet Medical Academy
2398 – 2400 Lt Cmdr; Chief Medical Officer; Xavier Fleet Yard
2400 – Lt Cmdr; Head of Surgery; USS Hippocrates

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2400 - Present Head of Surgery USS Hippocrates
Lieutenant Commander