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Michael Kennedy

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Lieutenant Kennedy




Michael Kennedy



Lieutenant Michael Kennedy is the current Chief Security/Tactical Officer aboard the USS Hyperion, currently assigned to TF72.


Michael Kennedy was born in Denver, Colorado in 2349 to John and Marie Kennedy. Throughout Michael’s childhood, he always knew that he would join Starfleet – though he wasn’t sure which department he’d want to specialize in. By the time he was accepted into the academy, he narrowed it down to Tactical and Flight Control but once he started the academy, Tactical clicked. He decided to focus on that, but not give up flight control (he would join the Flight Team during his third year). Throughout his academy career, Michael earned high marks – he would graduate in the top 10% of his class and was assigned to the Security department on the USS Majestic, Akira class.

This started Michael Kennedy started his career in the Security/Tactical Departments on Starships. This included his involvement in the brief Klingon-Federation War, where the Majestic’s security had to fight off Klingon intruders in hand to hand contact. And while the conflict was short lived, it did allow Michael to be promoted to rather quickly – he was assigned to lead security detachments. Then came the Dominion War. Early in the conflict, the Majestic fell victim to the Dominion. Michael was one of just 150 crew members who were able to make it to the escape pods before the ship was destroyed. Losing over 400 fellow Starfleet Officers was devastating to the surviving crew, but they were quickly reassigned to other ships in the fleet. Such is war.

By the end of the Dominion War, Michael Kennedy would be the Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer aboard the USS Liberty. The change in pace from war to peace meant that the Security/Tactical department was far less busy and could instead focus on internal security. The Dominion War taught Michael to always be prepared for anything but most importantly, that the ideals of the Federation was worth fighting for.

Now serving aboard the USS Massachusetts, the Nebula Class vessel was assigned to the Beta Quadrant. Their missions ranged from patrol duty, to missions of exploration, to first contacts, to tracking down piracy. The Federation had returned to some semblance of normalcy. Kennedy would continue to serve on the USS Massachusetts until 2388 when he would be laterally transferred to the Sovereign Class USS Hyperion.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2371 - 2373 Security Officer USS Majestic
2373 - 2375 Security Officer USS Paris
2375 - 2376 Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer USS Liberty
2376 - 2380 Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer USS Massachusetts
2380 - 2388 Chief Security/Tactical Officer USS Massachusetts
2388 - Present Chief Security/Tactical Officer USS Hyperion